Friday, January 03, 2014

snapseed to icloud to wordpress

I've become the person who is sitting here with a laptop and two cellphones (one is for work). How did this happen? It's because of freelancing for three pubs (including foodways) and because i like everyone else am addicted to my iphone. I also just bought beats by dre earbuds (which horrifyingly do not seem to be that much better than regular ones!) and a jbl flip speaker thing that uses bluetooth to communicate with my phone so i can listen to mostly podcasts and maybe some music in my kitchen while I cook.

I am currently struggling to upload my snapseed food photos to icloud so I can insert them into a wordpress post. My god. PS it's not working. Has anyone else heard of snapseed? I read about it in saveur. It's an app specifically for making food photos look better. I have to improve mine so they look nice enough to be on foodways with all those good photographers.

well, I give up. I am going to s.s.' house to taste some sriracha-style sauce for a piece she is writing and then to pick up crabs for a dinner tonight. I accomplished nothing.


DaveNinja said...

are you doing this on windows or Os X? or on your iPhone?

beckler said...

I don't even know anymore. I really am just yelling things into a trash can that I thought was a robot it turns out.