Friday, January 31, 2014


I was thinking I was dying and I called Scott and we figured out that our new coffee filters caused us to both overdose on caffeine. Seriously! We made coffee at a different time so that's why we had to talk about it on the phone. I was like "I feel insane, my hands are going numb". The filter ran really slow and so my giant cup of chemex light roast coffee has poisoned me and I can't really do my work today. It sucks! My vision looks blurry and shit. Laugh if you must.
 God, that picture above makes me laugh. Their brand is called "If You Care". What kind of passive-aggressive hippy shit it that?!?!

"Oh, what? You bought Mellitta brand filters? I guess you just don't care about Mother Earth, huh"

"You didn't use If You Care Cheesecloth? Why don't you just throw mercury down the sewers because you obviously don't give a shit about anyone except yourself"
 I ate at Mother last night! This was dessert omg. Fucking salted sage brown butter cookies.
We got quite a bit of food for three people as you can see. I especially loved the ricotta dumplings. Great meal and fun, chill experience. I'm stoked they are going to start table service soon


HK said...

Were you drinking a new kind/roast of coffee, too? Light roast has more caffeine than dark roast.

I've had to switch to half decaf because my anxiety was getting out of control.

beckler said...

it's the same coffee I always get from the pepper peddler. it just had a lot of contact time cuz of the filter stopping it up so it had a ton of caffeine. or I had a brain aneurysm.