Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ask Joey!

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I had my favorite local celebrity sighting last night at T.J.s (that's Trader Joes to you). I saw askjoey, the advice columnist and New-ager extraordinaire. She is so tall and attractive and so nice. I wish she was my mom and she could always be counseling me to believe in myself and listen to my inner child and crap like that. I saw Vann and told him not to look too deeply into Joey's eyes because she would read him like a book. I also saw Tippy (is that how you spell it?)on my way out for a second. T.J.s is the hip place to make the Sacto scene

I've been meaning to write on entry on the craze that is sweeping Sacto, and possibly the nation. We've all done it, we all love it: frontloadin'. Frontloadin' is imbibing at your house or a friend's house before you go to the club or show because you are poor. It's only a matter of time before this concept starts to infiltrate the hip hop world (just think, E-40 is pretty close in Vacaville, so he could easily hear about it, and E-40 generates 99.9% of all hip hop slang, or so he claims). Just think, LL could have one of those nostalgia songs where he talks about when he was so poor he had to frontload. Oftentimes I find that frontloadin' actually turns out to be the most fun time of the night, and the event itself is kind of a letdown. It has been rumored that Jay Baker is working on the first frontloadin' concept album, so let's cross our fingers that that's true and he'll finally put Sac on the hip hop map.

And finally, Sherrif Lou Blanas I am watching you. Where did you get the money for the shady poll that supposedly shows that Sacramentans like your fake charity idea to build an arena? The Bee says your political consultant set it up, and that he owes the pollsters. Since when do you just comission something like that and say, "uh, pay you later at some indefinite date". Seems fishy. And I reiterate, how does the Sheriff have money to hire a political consultant?

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