Tuesday, September 14, 2004

President Bush: suck it

During the course of the recession that Prez Bush has caused with his massive tax cuts and wild defense spending, my father has gone from a $50,000 a year skilled job to being an unskilled home care worker for the disabled. This job pays like 8-10 or so (I'm not sure), but Arnold wants to cut that. My family has basically slipped from middle-class stability to poverty in the last three years. My parents pay exorbitant prices for their crappy health care plans which include very little preventative care. They have no dental care and no retirement except for social security. I had hoped that perhaps my job in science was recession proof. Nope. My lab just got denied funding, not because our grant wasn't good enough, but because funding to the NIH has been cut and there isn't enough to go around. My job is still reasonably secure, because my boss wants to keep me, but two other lab techs are getting fired, and if she can't get another grant I'll have to go sooner or later. Thanks, W. I sure hope the Rapture comes soon like you're counting on, cuz if not, this country is sure gonna be fucked in a few years.

Coming soon: an interview with Anna DeKok, foodie extraordinaire!

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