Thursday, September 02, 2004

these are the people in my neighborhood


The Sacramento police dept. has released pictures and locations of 18 "high-risk" sex offenders here: one looks familiar, although there is one guy that lives at 14th and T. Howdy neighbor! There are two guys that seem to live in the same house (now there's an idea for a reality TV show!) that' s pretty close to my old house at 26th and U. The weird thing is, it looks like they live in Curtis Park. I wonder if it's a halfway house. Well, anyway the people that the PD deem high-risk seem to only attack juveniles. So I can't check on all the adult rapers. I have mixed feelings about this Megan's law kind of stuff. It does seem like maybe the only people pictured and tracked should be the ones who attack kids. I basically treat every stranger on the street as a potential rapist, anyway. That sounds really bad, but what I mean is, I watch people to see if they're getting too close, I won't really help men too much with directions (by this I mean I won't get really close to their car if I can't hear them too well) or fixing their car or anything, cuz why would they ask me and not some other dude? And I know that some registered sex offenders have to register for statutory rape. It's weird that you have a right to know where a rapist lives, but not a murderer or violent burglar or anything.

Speaking of rape, Kobe's statement was so creepy. I guess he's just laying the groundwork for an out of court settlement. I'm sure he doesn't really stay up at night crying for what his accuser has been through.

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