Wednesday, September 01, 2004

This isn't helping!

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This sign wins my vote for worst political protest sign ever. It's simply repulsive. It conjures up a horrible mental picture and it really makes no coherent political statement. Maybe is she left out the word "my" it would have made more sense but with that word in it seems like she's just confessing to an embarassing hygiene problem. Why do left-wingers have to do shit like this at protests? Why the giant Uncle Sam puppet smoking a joint? Why do we always have to talk about freeing Mumia? When I've been at protests they're always trying to make us chant stupid shit, and there was one march where they forced us to stop, crouch down, and then all get up and start running. We ran for a short distance and they wanted us to crouch down and repeat the cycle. I wanted to die. How was that going to bring affirmative action back? The thing that sucks is that we really have no legitimate avenues to effect anything (due to low balance in the bank account), and no one gives a shit about the protests unless it is to just laugh at the spectacle. Sigh.

The other day Scott made a joke about the movie "maria full of grace" sounding like a porno title or that the porno could be called "grace full of maria". That got me started thinking about other current movies and their porno titles:
code 46=too easy, code 69
garden state=hardon state
the cunting of the president
riding giants doesn't really need to be changed and neither does anaconda
alien fucks predator
a home at the end of the world=a bone at the end of the world or a bone at the end of the bed
the princess diaries 2: the princess has anal sex
ok, that one was a stretch (heh-heh) and i guess i can't think of any more

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