Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bonk bonk!

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I ate at Nishiki last night and it was excellent. The food was all delicious and the server was really good and gave us a few free extras. We were far away from the sushi bar so the sushi guys couldn't make me nauseous with their sexist comments. They are really out of control. And it really makes me sick to see some mid-town hottie whore herself for free edamame and a sake bomb. The crowd looked uncannily like we were at the Empire Club pre-party. Everyone was in the 18-22 age range. Where are the old people in this town? It's like we live in that weird town on Star Trek where the kids chant scary things in unison. Except instead of ragged, stained clothing the kids all wear designer jeans that show their crack and sparkly tube tops.

Good job vetoing that illegal immigrants drivers license bill, Arnie. As far as I can tell the rationale goes: They're illegal immigrants, so it's not right for them to get drivers licenses. That's really logical considering tons of them are already driving. This is such a transparent PR ploy that panders to peoples racism. Especially considering that 10 other states allow illegal immigrants to get licenses, Cali allowed it until 1994, and there are stringent background checks.

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writegrrrl said...

I love, love, love Nikishi's food but hate the 'scene' ... too many bare midriffs, tight, expensive jeans, etc....but the food...the Agadashi Tofu! Anyway....found your site through Anna looks very cool and I'm looking forward to nosing around through it some more....