Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Goodbye City Life!

Well, I decided to leave New York early so here I am back at the lab. Today we're doing an eye experiment. My boss was wondering aloud "what would happen if we put a live dog's eye in to a live cat's eye socket?". No one here could give her a concrete answer so in the name of science, we decided to try it out. So far it doesn't seem to be working.
Posting fake mean experiments from her lab is one of the many things I threatened to do to Becky while she was gone. I also threatened to find the worst blogs out in cyberspace & cut & paste them in here - but I couldn't find any bad blogs! They're all great! My dad asked me the other day what a blog was. I thought that was pretty good. He was showing me his computer & suddenly I was trapped in one of those Leno skits about how incompetent his parents are with new technology. I showed him how to save a picture to his background & I thought he was gonna hit the roof. I can't wait to see what picture he picks first - I'm guessing it will be Raiders related. He also bought this 900 foot phone cable because he wanted to be able to have his computer anywhere in the house. Of course he has it sitting right next to the phone jack so there's a big pile of tangled phone cord on the floor. Miraculously, as I was showing my dad a picture of me singing with the Frenchmen (sometimes I don't think my dad actually believes that I go anywhere or do anything), he managed to trip over this 900 foot beast - yanking it out of the wall & ripping all the wires. That was that. I'm thinking about my dad because it's his birthday today. Happy birthday dad - may you never read this.
All I can think about is Becky reading this & thinking "hmm, not quite what I would have done..". Damn you Becky! Stop stifling me! She gave me tomorrow off claiming she would post something from NYC. I hope it includes a story about spilling cocaine all over her new wardrobe.
With Karen O.
I often abstractly think about moving to New York when in reality I most likely won't - probably because I don't even really want to. I guess that, since Sac's so middle of the road, I worry that I'm missing out on the real fun or something. You'd think after living here for 34 years, I'd accept the fact that I live here. Now, to add to it, I'm suddenly romancing the country life! I went to visit my friend's Scott & Kiersten up in Fort Bragg this last weekend. About an hour before I got there, I lost all cellphone service & it was all uphill from there. They have this HUGE piece of land with a little house in the middle. 2 big barns that came pre-furnished with a bunch of old rustic junk, a massive front lawn that you could farm, & their back yard turns in to a trail through this forest that ends in a clearing on the bank of the Noyo River. And it's all their property! They sold their house in Sac 4 years ago & bought that with the money. They're blocks from the ocean too. I didn't want to leave at all & when I got back here & thought about all the stupid shit that one gets concerned about in the city, I was super bummed. I takes up so much head space even when you don't want it to. Like, I'll sit & deliberate whether or not I should go to some stupid party or I'll worry about my job. What if all that we're replaced with a hammock & a canoe? And what if I suddenly lost all desire for material possesions?! And what if I lived off the land?!!! And what if I made my own award-winning wine?!!!! And what if they selected my farm for the next season of The Simple Life??!!!!!!

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