Friday, November 12, 2004

Glass Candy? More like Ass Candy

woah. Pitchfork just reported that the two new Bright Eyes singles debuted on the Billboard singles chart at #1 and #2, a feat not accomplished by anyone since 1997, when P. Diddy did it. That's crazy. I've never heard Bright Eyes, but I guess it wouldn't be hard for those singles to be better than that tired-ass sing-song phoned-in duet "my boo".

Speaking of Pitchfork, I have got to stop believing their hype and buying albums accordingly. I bought the DFA comp cuz they gave it such a high rating and it's OK but I wish I would have bought the new Trick Daddy album instead.

Yesterday I had the day off, so I thrifted and visited the towns of Marysville, Yuba City, Wheatland, Sheridan, and (my hometown) Lincoln. Marysville and Yuba don't seem to have changed that much over the years (at least compared to Lincoln). Marysville has made the standard stab at downtown revitalization by putting up a sign telling you about their historic downtown and installing some metal, I don't know what to call them, sculptural thingies across the streets of downtown. Sadly this revitalization has mostly resulted in the closing of thriftstores and the opening of overpriced antique boutiques. But maybe it has been good for the town, I don't know. There is a giant Salvation Army in Yuba city that is pretty good.

If you ever find yourself traveling on Highway 65 through Wheatland, I would recommend stopping at the Elkin's frostie. True, it's a dump and I just wanted to go there to relive high school memories, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only have they added veggie burgers to their menus, they're actually Boca burgers and not the standard gross Gardenburger patty that I was expecting. In fact, I thought it was meat and I was trying to take it back. The teenager behind the counter thought that I was a big idiot.

I'm weary today because I hit both Amateurs and Lala Land last night. Both places were lackluster, bordering on pathetic. I really, really wanted to like Amateurs. I want some night where I can actually dance, and I'm more likely to go out on a Thursday night than any other weeknight, but it was lame. I can't dance to that pseudo-gothic electroclash shit. I wish I could, but I just can't. It was six bucks to get in, and the well drinks are 4.75! That is too much. Glass Candy played and they were amusing for precisely 5 minutes. I hate being negative about this new night so let me reiterate that I was really hoping I would like it. Lala land was quite deserted and Larry seemed to be on DJ autopilot and played "Flashlight" for what seemed like 45 minutes. It's too bad that night is not catching on because I think the Blue Lamp is a pleasant place to kick it. As we were sitting at the new Cap G I was thinking that maybe if the influx of people and money into Sac cannot be stopped then maybe a good result would be more clubs and bars and maybe if enough of them open, at least one will be cool. Maybe?

This weekend is shaping up to be fun. Tonight there is a Feeling show at the Fox and Goose, and tomorrow is the Greek food festival and the Heritage party.

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