Monday, November 01, 2004

Monday malaise

Hey check it out-this total D is trying to visit every Starbucks in the world. Here's the section on the Sacramento area: Horrifying. This person likes Starbucks and is not making any kind of political statement with this website. And she wants you to send her money to continue her quest!

The Sacbee continues to beat the arena drum. Last week they had some major help from the NBA commissioner when he mentioned the need for a new arena in Sac in a conference call to sportswriters. Thanks for the reminder commissioner, we done plumb forgot bout that whole thing in the solid week since it was occupying the front page daily. Then, today the Bee waxes nostalgic about the glorious time when we first got the Kings and Sacramento started to come out from under our shameful inferiority complex. It was soooo embarassing just being a pleasant small town with nice trees and affordable houses. Where was our P.F. Changs? Well, that restaurant chain wasn't in business yet, but if it had been, it never would have come to our backwater burg. The Bee tells the real story of the Kings franchise if you read between the lines in this article, although it's not the main point. Here it is, as I see it: Lukenbill buys Kings for 10.5 million in 1983, sells for 140 fucking million dollars in 1992. Not bad. Owner Jim Thomas then sells to the Maloofs in 1999 for 247 million dollars. A profit of 100 million dollars in 7 years. These are the owners that have been crying poorhouse this whole time and claiming the Kings don't make money. These are the people that have been holding our city hostage to their interests. How much do you think the Maloofs could sell the Kings for right now if they wanted? Why do you think they want a new arena? It will just exponentially increase the value of their team. They should pay the majority of the cost if a new arena is built. They will make the majority of the profit off of the deal if they sell the team.

My Halloween suffered from the New Year's Eve syndrome. Trying to force the fun led to not much fun. I continued my streak of embodying the women in rock on Halloween (last year=Ronnie Spector) by being both Courtney Love (friday) and Meg White (saturday). Margaux made an excellent Jack White in a grotty black wig that had been on the floor of my car since last Halloween. I missed all the bands at the Halloween cover show and the next night went to this horrendous party at 24th and P where we stayed exactly as much time as it took to walk upstairs and right back down. I could smell fighting and aggression in the air. I heard there was a really fun warehouse party right near my house but I missed it and finished out the night at club Vince debating the existence of God (?) with people.


Anonymous said...

I went to that same party for about 15 minutes and left just as the waves of bros and brods were coming in through the front door. The only good thing about showing up was seeing Jason and Darin do the ol' switcheroo. As i was walking up to the party i actually thought Jason was Darin. As for the existence of God conversation, what were your conclusions?

Anonymous said...

It's rare that someone 'just doing their thing' irritates me as much as Winter the Starbucks wanderer! I read the entire (long) Washington Post article about him & every single thing he did & said rubbed me completely the wrong way. His only reason for doing it is to be mildly famous &, despite the fact that he gets an espresso or an 8 oz coffee in EVERY store he visits, he doesn't do anything more in his travels across the U.S. than go to Starbucks. He eats at mini-marts & lives in his car. No sightseeing or anything. And to think he was half a block from my house at some point! His other goal (after visiting 99% of the U.S. Starbucks - I guess it's near statistically impossible to visit them all) is to become the world Scrabble champion! Why? Because there's so little competition that he actually has a shot at it. "I love winning" he says. Damn you Winter!

Anonymous said...

they wouldn't even let jason & i into the upstairs party 'cause they didn't believe we were in costume. the downstairs party was okay with lisa djing and a few cool people but there were still people grumbling about us not being dressed up. so we left after a few minutes to go to the old tavern. i did end up at club vince but spent my whole time there vomiting. just 'cause i can look like patrone doesn't mean i can drink like patrone.
- darin

Anonymous said...

I read this at to know:

"By the way, if conflicts with information you've received from your county or state election officials, use the official information."


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! i had no idea there were that many starbucks in Sac. It's so obscene.


Maya said...

I can't believe he didn't come to the ones in Roseville. And he missed one anyway--there's a new one by my work that has a drive thru. You don't see too many of those anymore.

leon said...

how do consistently sold out games for years equal no profit? bad management?

the kings are gonna suck this year. once everyone realizes that, all this "new arena" talk might come to an end...hopefully.

i hazily remember seeing you friday at the party. no more old english 800 HG for me!!! (and no more parties for me the rest of the weekend, unless you count going to cornerstone for breakfast a party)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that I can still continue to subsist on a diet of Starbucks and Subway (they are popping up like
weeds as well)!


Hey, check out the adventures of Winter in a new documentary film about him called "Starbucking".