Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Last word

The great thing about having a blog is that I get to have the last word. Thanks for the info Darin. That makes more sense if he posted it on his own personal site. I know, it's not like he trashed the show or anything, it's just that his criticisms were annoying. To me. Possibly not to other people. I know it was mean to run it with my little parenthetical mockeries, but that was fun for me and I have to take my fun where I can get it.


Anonymous said...

I don't care if he wrote it on the bottom of a rock in the East lawn cemetary! He wrote it, I read it, that settles it! Nah, I just felt it was a revealing glimpse in to the prejudice of a guy who writes locally about music & books shows. And since it refers to my friends, of course it stuck out to me. And dammit, that show was fun! I don't want to hear no sour grape bullshit review of it! That of course is just my humble opinion.


Anonymous said...

Becky, I thought your comments were not only funny, but right on too. Most people that I've talked to that have read CR's post read it like a back handed compliment. Maybe Darin doesn't because he knows him, but overall I think Mr. Rodda was way off base and not very nice in his post. I don't know him either, so I can't say what kind of person he is, I just know what he wrote rubbed me the wrong way.


Maya said...

That guy's post totally annoyed me too. I know nothing of this Loft vs whatever (whatevs?) distinction other than what I've been told, as I'm brand new to this group (relatively speaking. 2.5 years and all that). The show on Saturday night was great and all that sniping on the crowd and bands was really unneccessary. This Rodda person should get over their grudge and enjoy the fucking show!

I wonder if he was part of the obnoxious couple I was standing behind during Knock Knock. They talked through practically the whole set.

beckler said...

See, another person who wasn't part of the Loft who enjoyed the show. Maybe the crowd that liked the show should be expanded to "people with a sense of humor who like good music" rather than "loft crowd". Can't we all agree that Mike R. Mike is universally funny?