Monday, November 08, 2004

monday bits

Well, I didn't go to the Sikh parade because getting up early wasn't in my weekend agenda. I get up early five days a week, goddamnit!

To continue the ever-so-boring Celestin's chicken skin saga (I know, you've all been wondering if I did anything about it) I called Celestin's and told a manager about ye olde pile of skin. She was sympathetic, but said they do leave the skin on. I said, "I don't know that there is anyone who would want to eat that soggy skin". She said "I hear ya' there" but I doubt if there is any policy change in the future.

Me and Mike went to Laszlo's this weekend and it was fucking great. For those of you who don't know, Laszlo's is a smoked fish place in Old Sac. It's in those little food booths near the river (the ones that I guess were modeled on Pike's place market). Joe Laszlo smokes all the fish himself. We used to go there and get gigantic bagels piled with vegetables (tomato, onion, etc.) and your choice of smoked fish, and it came with chips and a pickle for like 6 bucks. Laszlo was dissapointed in us when we asked where his bagels were this time because he said he hasn't had them since January. We totally got busted as bad customers. No harm, though, we went across the street to that really weird coffee shop Steamers, got bagels there, and brought them over to Joe to pile up with fish. We got the peppered salmon. It was so juicy and flavorful I almost plotzed. Not cheap, though. Me and Mike got quite a bit of fish and it cost eleven bucks. It was worth every penny. We also got to witness some kind of old-timey sketchiness where it appeared that a guy dressed as a cowboy may have been selling antique pistols out of a wooden case. Add the constant cruising of custom cars with crazy sound systems, and you have the weirdness of Old Sac.

Gossip gossip gossip! Went to the Vicious prom on Saturday night and witnessed a triad of people frenching like mad. Two were boys (one of whom has acquired an unfortunate nickname that is derived from a Simpsons character and one is the type of gentleman you wouldn't expect to see doing such a thing) and the one girl was a less than enthusiastic participant. The former boy had moments before queried if he could perhaps persuade me to show him my breasts. When I politely declined his offer, he countered a moment later with the question "how about now?". Ah, demon gin speaks.

There is a minor Naked Lounge boycott going on right now. Seems one of the owners, who has been known to be a pretty rude dude, hired someone most of us know and fired him within a day or two of training. He also fired the other three people who were being trained at the same time. Seems he had to go with his gut instinct. Well, my gut instinct is that that guy sucks. From charging for water to busting regular customers for using too much half and half (for shame!), he is screwing up left and right. However, hanging out at Peet's sucks, so I will probably go to Naked from time to time.

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