Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Attention ladies!! Southside flasher!!

I guess at least three girls that we've all probably seen around (so who knows how many there have been that aren't in our social circle) have been flashed in the area around the Flame Club and Southside Park (in other words, my neighborhood). This guy isn't one of those nasty pervs that simply passively flashes or jerks off, he's really agressive and scary. He chases the women and even threw one against a fence!! The lady who got thrown against the fence called the cops and they said there have been many reports about this guy. I don't have a description yet, but I'll try to get one. Simply crossing the street or even running away won't deter him, and he chased two women that were walking together, so everyone should be really careful. I walked from my house to the new Safeway by myself the other night before I knew about this and there was a three block stretch on S that's really deserted and was creeping me out, and I got chills thinking about that when I heard about this guy. Maybe I will try to tip off Graswich, but he didn't even respond to my last tip and now I feel dumb.

You guys should post your movie lists!! I'm really curious.

I have been craving a hamburger so I went to Nationwide Freezer Meats last night and it did not fucking disappoint. Those burgers are so good I almost plotzed. If there is anyone in Sac who has never had a burger there drop what you are doing right now and go get the ground steakburger with cheese and you will see the light.

Frighteningly, the Doug and Jackie Christie may be getting their own reality show:
I can't wait to see their freakiness documented on the boob tube. Their relationship isn't just close, it's unnatural. I predict they'll be divorced within a few years. Or he will snap. This article is kinda funny. I don't know if the reporter is trying to pad it or what, but there is a bunch of copy on the popularity of reality TV. Thanks, the Bee, you're about three years behind the times on breaking this shocking news.


Anonymous said...

OK, you asked for it.

every movie I have seen this year is on this list, so if it isn't on the list, I haven't seen it.

14. Sky Captain & the World of Tommorow. (Totally sucked it)
13. New York Minute (see Sky Capt. sucked it so bad that an Olsen twins movie was better.)
12. Girl With a Pearl Earring (I am still not sure whether Scarlett Johannssen can act or if she just looks pretty.)
11. Napolean Dyanamite
10. Anchorman
8. Mean Girls
7.Starsky and Hutch
6. Shaun of the Dead
5.Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (the funniest movie in a really long time.)
4. Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban
3. The Incredibles
2. Super Size Me
1. Garden State.

Wow, I only see stupid movies.


Alice said...

Of the movies I've seen this year:


1. Sideways
2. Before Sunset
3. Mean Girls


1. Passion of the Christ
(i had to see it and now i actually hate Mel Gibson)
2. The Village
(the biggest waste of time ever)
3. Catwoman
(i was on the plane, dude)

Films I wish I had seen

1. The Motorcycle Diaries
2. Alien V. Predator
(how could this not rock?)
3. Team America: World Police

Films I wanted to see/actually did see while drunk

1. Walking Tall
(i couldn't even follow the plot on this one but i remember it making me laugh really hard)
2. Benji: Off the Leash
aka Benji: Unleashed
(need i say more)
3. Dirty Dancing 2
(i was at Tower with Maya and I noticed that the VHS copy had a quote from the Sac News and Review printed right on the front. i figured if someone at the SNR found this movie 'better than the original', i'd better see it--and fast)

Anonymous said...

I can't not resist mentioning the time the Christies did storytime at the Central Library downtown. Not only was the book ("If You Give A Mouse A Cookie") extra large print, but her responsibility was to turn the pages. And they high-fived one another when he got to the end.

As for best of 2004, does "City of God" count? I know it was technically released in 2003, but that's about the best thing that I saw last year.

- g bomb and alice's anonymous friend

Anonymous said...

but what about the squeeze inn on fruitridge? waaaaaay better than nationwide!

beckler said...

I suspect I may know who posted that Squeeze Inn comment due to the fact that it was posted at 4:30 am and I will not even dignify that comment with a reply. Ok, I will, the Squeeze Inn is good, if you like feeling nauseous and not eating again for OVER 24 HOURS after you eat there.

DB said...

I think Roger Ebert actually had "City of God" on his 2002 Top Ten list, then the film went wide in early 2003. It's a hell of a movie, though.