Thursday, March 23, 2006

Art Brut!

I cannot find a picture on the web that captures Eddie Argos' (Art Brut guy)pudgy brand of fine. I did discover from looking at older photos that the pudge is new, but it somehow balances out the eyebrows so I like it. That sucks about Belle and Sebastian. I even thought the Greek theater was too large of a venue. The only good show I've seen by them was the Warfield. At some point I decided that I am too spoiled by small shows to ever enjoy a show with more than 1000 people there ever again, doesn't matter who it is. So I'll wait till Belle and Sebastian plays at fools.


Anonymous said...

I will now be refering to myself as a pudgy brand of fine.

Its the new deeper shade of soul.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you can even sing it to Deeper Shade Of Soul.


Anonymous said...

Even the Greek Theatre had a good view from most places and since it was built for performances, the sound was not bad for being outdoors. The SFDC Concourse Exhibition Center can suck it.


Anonymous said...

And I will Scott, and I will.