Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ballet russes

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Ballet Russes (playing at the Crest) is great! Go see it! The old people in it are very inspiring. And all the old pictures and footage are rad. It seems like peoples faces just used to be more interesting in those days. Like everyone is getting blander and blander with all this good nutrition we have these days or something.


Anonymous said...

Becks, one of my old ballet teachers, Libby Salerno, was in the company. She is cool. She gets mentioned in the credits but didn't make it into the movie.


beckler said...

was she in the orginal or the monte carlo? or in the monte carlo before it split?

Anonymous said...

She was in the monte carlo, and I'm not sure if it was before it split or after. She lives in S.F. and was pretty old (but active and fit and gorgeous of course) when she taught me in "sacramento children's theatre" in 1980-1984. I imagine she is in her early 80's now.

I lucked out because I was one of the few who had lots of classical ballet training. So she and I could relate to each other a little. (you know, yelling in french, doing things that hurt but smiling the whole time.) It was musical theatre, so lots of kids just had no training at all.

She was the first person I ever met (me, age 10) who was GLAMOUROUS, for real. Red lipstick at all times, smoking like a chimmney, never eating, amazing clothes, speaking french, wore a lot of black, jokes I didn't understand - but wanted to. What 10 year old could resist that? Not I. She was from another planet.