Thursday, March 23, 2006

The way Egyptians get rid of all that zucchini!

Next time you are in the mission and you want something other than the usual gutbomb at taqueria cancun, try out a fabulous place called Mi Lindo Yucatan (410 Valencia St. near 15th Street), . From my first exposure to Yucatan cuisine, I gather that it uses a lot less cheese and lard than a typical Mexican restaurant in the states, and it emphasizes different ingredients, such as pumpkin seeds, spinach, oranges, and mostly turkey instead of chicken. We got a salad with mandarin oranges, mesclun, and a feta-like cheese that could have been served in any of my favorite yuppie haunts. And their chicken tamale appetizer was the best tamale I've ever had. It was really soft, like corn and chicken pudding! My favorite kind of puddin'.

And on another food note, those of you that like to cook might enjoy this recipe website. I'm making a spicy yogurt sauce that I got under the north african section. He even has a whole Armenian recipe section! With an Armenian pizza (lahmajoon) that has (surprise) lamb on it. He has really funny disclaimers next to the recipes like: Only in the Middle East would they use these together! and The way Egyptians get rid of all that zucchini! (I was unaware there was a zucchini glut in Egypt) or my favorite: The meat falls off the bone!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that site's excellent! Many thanks for the tip; I'll definitely be trying out a few of those recipes this weekend. (Check out the crab-stuffed jalapenos...)