Thursday, March 09, 2006

Holy crap!

I was browsing the new SN&R and I saw an ad for a Purim celebration at congregation Beth Shalom in Charmichael that includes a carnival with a performance billed as "a celebration of Purim with Beach Boys music" called "Queen Esther and the Boyz on the Beach".


Anonymous said...

They're playing Smile in it's entirety.


Anonymous said...

You crazy Jews are much funnier than us depressed Catholics. Maybe I'll show up. I want to see the Jewish Brian Wilson. I wish they'd have an opening act of "The Fat Chick From Wilson Phillips" which is my all-time favorite punk rock band name.

I posted up my (long as hell) Oscar story at

Don't bother reading it, just post comments dropping names so everyone will know you're a hipster. Hey Charles, I gave Heckasac a card and a present for you. If she didn't give it to you, she's holding out.

Anonymous said...

My favorite song by them is
"4-oy-9"...or is it "Kvetch a Wave?" No, it's definitely their rousing version of "Ehhhh....So-So Vibrations"

-- Patrone

beckler said...

I prefer "be true to your goy" and "quit worrying so much already, baby, you're going to give yourself a heart attack, G-d forbid!"