Thursday, March 23, 2006

I accidentally formatted these pics like this, but i'm going to leave it

A google search of the two names turned up little except an interview with lindsay in which she said her crushes were johnny depp and devendra banhart so let me be the first to spread the possibly false gossip on the internet that I heard that these two are hooking up (her and banhart, not her and depp). Does this mean she's going to write something about how she's mad in the comments?


Alice said...

i don't wanna dis on devendra cuz i seriously have barely listened to his music and i'm sure he's a really nice dude. but, about five years ago he was courting my pal meghan. she met him in SF and when she said she lived in sactown, he said: "that must be hard." he's entitled to his opinion so whatevs. but, i always think of that when his name comes up.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough he mixed at least some of his last record in Sac at the Hangar. They supposedly have some crazy mixing board there. Woodhouse would occasionally mention that he saw Devendra hanging around. If only I had known what his last record was gonna sound like I could've broken in & tossed the masters in to the American River.


Anonymous said...

That must have been hard for him.

-hater of the neo-folk

Alice said...

i've seen that mixer. allan showed it to me when the dudez were in town over the winter. it's effing insane.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm retarded.

Whts the fascination with this dude?

Anonymous said...

I interviewed him about a year and a half ago, and we talked for awhile about Sac. He said he liked it here, had friends from the area, and at that time he and the sister he was dating from Cocorosie were thinking of moving up to the foothills.... to start a sort of community with the Vetiver guys, J. Newsom, etc.

Well, apparently he's switched channels, cause now he's in the Sunday NY Times (check out the slide show to see all the pics):

He was a very sweet, but daffy kid. I had a hard time following his train of thought and didn't get too much good information, so I scrapped my article.

Oh, and the only negative thing he said about Sac to me was that the sound guy at Old I was a dick and had given all the people in the bands a hard time. But, that's not news to anyone, I think.

Anonymous said...

She interviews him in the new issue of "Interview"

Anonymous said...

it's funny ol' devendra said the sound guy at o.i gave everyone a hard time, 'cuz he (dev.) was a huge dick to the sound guy. i've done enough live sound to know it's a thankless job, and to know that a stage full of acoustic instruments w/a band that wants the monitors super-loud is a recipe for tons of feedback and/or not enough volume. add in the constantly changing line-ups, people moving microphones all over and unplugging & plugging in to random cables on the stage, & a packed house which makes it impossible for the sound guy in the back to really even see what's going on on stage, and it must have been tough for everyone. the sound guy could have done better, though. he's a really good sound guy for the standard 4-piece r-n-r thing, but was kinda in over his head at that show. i know he was frustrated and basically wanted to strangle everyone once it was over, but he still kept trying the whole show to please the band & make it sound the best he could. i would've thrown my hands up & gone into the bar to drink. anyhow, after the star/ego trip tantrums on stage, i went from undecided about devendra to just not able to be open to his music at all. but, then, i'm uptight anyhow. and not much annoys me more than a Type A hippie.
oh, for the record, the sound guy that night was not Larry or Evan, it was another person who used to fill in there pretty regularly.

Anonymous said...

"oh, for the record, the sound guy that night was not Larry or Evan, it was another person who used to fill in there pretty regularly."

If he kept trying to get a decent sound, it is a safe bet his name ain't Truman.


beckler said...

Is his name also not huckleberry?

Anonymous said...

The sound guy (I guess I won't mention him -- it seems were avoiding that) is my favorite of the bunch at Old I. Easily.

Devendra did seem like a total jerk. There are at least two songs on his new album that kill me. Most of it, though, is half-baked nonsense.


Anonymous said...

I like his first coupla cd's okay, but why even listen to that, when there's Tyranisaurus Rex? Entrance is better anyway.