Thursday, March 30, 2006

who's the poor man?

I was supposed to go to Birriera Bugambilias last night but I beaned myself out over the last couple of days (let me recommend making vegetarian chili with soyrizo, it's quite good) and changed the plans to Nishiki so I can't write a new review. However, Nishiki outdid itself last night, with a great server, above average zig zag roll (which I get every fucking time and the quality really varies but I always hope it will be a good one) and free sake bombs for all. I have tomorrow off, so I may make a visit to La Bonne Soupe Cafe (or however you spell it) tomorrow because people keep recommending it to me.

As I mentioned, I have tomorrow off, so I will shill the Four Eyes/Losin' Streaks show on saturday today. It is at Delta of Venus with their bro band, Boss the Big Biz. BTBB will probably play for four or five hours, and the Losin' Streaks usually play for awhile so I would recommend bringing some crystal meth to stay awake during the show. I know this will sound mean, but I was checking out the website of the Japanese band te who are playing at the Red Square tonight and the song that they have playing on their myspace is such a distillation of the kind of band sound that I hate that it was funny to me.

The Fly is such an awesome movie. It holds up for me every time. Jeff Goldblum is so good in it! And I love the combo of extreme gore and pathos. It brought to mind a question for me that perhaps DB can answer. Is Geena Davis the poor mans Sigourney Weaver or vice versa? And is there a poor mans Goldblum? I would like to nominate the guy that plays Geena's ex (Stathis Borans is the character's silly name) as the poor mans Martin Mull, which is a poor man indeed. Incidentally, this is the only guy to reprise his role in the loathsome Fly II, which has an Imdb review with the heading "not exactly good, but not nearly as bad as it COULD have been.
Here's a creepy German (of course) Cronenberg fansite.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the french sandwich and soup.
Yesterday I ate the warm brie and prosciutto, it was a little bit of allright.

Do it for Cesar Chavez.

I may be rocking the boat here but I really don't consider geena and Sigourney to be that similar


Anonymous said...

We went to Nishiki for a birthday party and the host/manager wanted the birthday boy to swallow some Sake Bombs, and would not take no for an answer. By the end of the night he was so drunk, the host not the birthday boy, that he was telling us all he loved us and petting my girlfriend's hair. I swear, I thought she was gonna punch him.
Good food though.

fft said...

weaver was the original female actioneer (think Ripley) and there's no way davis can compete (think LONG KISS and all that Renny Harlin shit). so yeah, Davis is so poor-man's Weaver.
Daniel at La Bonne Soupe is a true artisan. not only are his lunches super-magnifique, but he has the best espresso in town (and he won't hesitate to explain the difference between a good and bad espresso). don't go during rush time cos he's all alone making lunches; i try to go late in the afternoon or first thing at 11.

Anonymous said...

La Bonne is La Bombe! He makes a great pork sandwich. Even if you go during a peak period, don't give up, as the few times I've been there usually half the line will bail out of frustration from the effects of the one-man show. And it's great, he never really seems to especially rush the process even with a big line, taking great care with each task. Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Actually, Jeff Goldblum is the poor man's Richard Benjamin.

Sacramento Appreciation Society of San Francisco.

DB said...

Yeah, that's a tough one. Davis has about half the screen presence as Weaver, but is also twice as fine, which pretty much evens it up. It's a bit of a Mobius strip -- if Davis is the poor woman's Weaver, then Weaver is also the poor woman's Davis.

Anonymous said...

La Bonne is great! I completely agree with Dave's description. The owner is so adorable with his "I am French and you American's are too impatient so watch me make your sandwich slowly, but I am going to teach you to relax" thing going on.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, Jeff Goldblum is the poor man's Richard Benjamin."

That is fucking genius.


DJ Rick said...

I recommend you try the Tacos dorados at Birrieria Bugambilias. Upon presentation, they look really dinky and unsatisfying, but they are so-o-o-o good!

And, that name is so fun to pronounce if you can roll your R's.