Thursday, March 30, 2006

golly gee

Napkin Nights has a top 300 pictures in 2005 page, and from a cursory glance before hurriedly shutting the window, they are all booby pictures!! I'll have to investigate this more at home. Or at a home with a computer.


beckler said...

I have a theory about why girls with really bad implants are the first to whip them out. It's because they are so plastic that it's not like they are showing a personal part that is private, it is more like showing off a new shoe that you bought, or more appropos of this picture, a new set of tupperware bowls, and who would be embarrassed about that?

Case in point (NSFW!)

Anonymous said...

Getting a boob job may get you a lot of attention and fame, etc, but it won't get you into space!,,2-2006140349,00.html

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