Friday, March 17, 2006

Way to go C.K.!!

A solid 7.4 on the 'fork. I don't believe he is playing with Shannon Krauss anytime soon in Cali, but she has a show accompanied by someone else in Davis on June 9th


Christian said...

Thanks Heckabecky! I was pretty stoked (and surprised) to see that. We just did our first live show together in Austin yesterday. Shaky but fun. Playing W. Coast in June with her and the whole band.

Anonymous said...

Don't. Call. It. "Cali".


beckler said...

Sorry, but you can't censor my slang all the way from billyburg. while you've been gone we officially changed the name to cali. It's just too much effort to say california, and besides, Arnie has ruined that word for everyone forever.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to use Calif. It rolls right off the tongue.


Anonymous said...

I like Califas, with the accent on the i.


Anonymous said...

Good work, CK. 7.9 ain't shabby at all for Ye 'ol Fork.