Monday, June 19, 2006

So many babies

I'm being pressured to post by a certain bored reader.

Go see that Daniel Johnston movie at the Crest! It's so good. It's entertaining, it's a great introduction to his music if you don't know it (which I didn't) and if you already like him it will make you admire him even more. I never knew he was such a good artist. It is also is a fascinating glimspe into the scene in Austin in the late 80's/early 90's.

I finally got to eat out on the patio at Aioli. It's spectacular! What a great place to share a meal with friends, and the check was quite reasonable even with wine. Then we headed to the Distillery where we saw a baby triple bill the Baby Geniuses and Baby Grand and Leon's Baby (making a special remote appearance from Niki's Womb-sorry Niki it might be a shock to you to see your womb mentioned in this space-but what can I say? Nice womb).

Sunday I hit up the farmar (that's what we regulars call the farmer's market) which did not disappoint. Super spicy arugula and old-fashioned hotdogs for me.

I don't know of a whole lot going on this week. There's another SRD meeting tomorrow. Same time, same place.


alice said...


can you get baby levy to telecast his impressions of the scene next time we're all hanging out? thanks.

Anonymous said...

One step ahead of you. We are teaching the fetus how to blog from the ahem, womb.


Wingnutamy said...


wait, that may only be my laughter I hear here...

josh said...

Best Daniel Johnson song ever is "Premarital Sex". Can't wait til that movie comes to Monrovia!