Friday, June 16, 2006

weekend happenings

The Fiery Furnaces were so, so good. They still haven't dropped their relentless, medleyized style, but they don't have a keyboard this time and Eleanor and Matt both play guitars so it's more rockin. They both seemed to be in a great mood and exhibited a wry sense of humor. They don't have the Keith Moon drummer anymore which is nice, because he was entertaining to watch but was really distracting from the charisma of these talented siblings. I'm going to say it: best sibling hair ever.

Stuff to do:

Alkali Flats tonight in Davis. Why oh why does it have to be Davis?! Here's a press release from Tim:

If there exists a small town that is the complete opposite of Mina Nevada,it would have to be Davis, California. Being a band that enjoys catering to the extremes, The Alkali Flats, one week fresh from Mina, will find us in Davis tonight at the Delta Of Venus. The show starts early - around 7:30.We'll be playing with that yodelling madman, the great Toshio - the Japanese Jimmy Rodgers - who is always a blast. They have good Jamaican food andtasty 9 percent Belgian Beers that make crazy sounds come from Keith's steel guitar after he has a few. It'll be a good time, even if no one dances like Dale.

See you there!

Tim is going to have a busy weekend because Baby Grand is playing tomorrow at the Distillery with Dear Nora and The Geniuses (is it no longer called Einstein and the geniuses?).

The Crest is on a roll right now. It's playing two movies that I want to see! That is unprecedented in a year of crap movies. The Proposition (screenplay by Nick Cave) is still playing and the Devil and Daniel Johnston opens today. Tower is playing a Prairie Home Companion and An Inconvenient Truth. Now you KNOW I love Altman, but I won't be seeing this movie. Before you judge, I would like to ask how many of you saw a little movie that came out in '03 called the Company, starring Neve motherfucking Campbell? Well I did and unless you suffered through that experience also then please don't judge me. If he makes a movie about Click and Clack the Car Talk Brothers, I'll be first in line.

Erik from Baby Grand sent out this item about a fundraiser that's happening next week (the same day as the Bike Kitchen opening I think) Sorry for the spacing but I don't have time to fix it right now.

We need your help! The new community garden in Downtown Sacramento formerly known as the Mandella Garden is short of funding to complete the project. Located at 14th and Q Streets, the ADA accessible organic Fremont Community Garden needs to raise $40,000 to finish the proposed project. Can we get your help in raising funds for this?Here's how you can help! Buy a ticket or two to our Wine Tasting and Silent Auction scheduled for June 24th at the Capital Athletic Club. Tell your friends and invite them as well. Tickets are $25 (All but $5 is tax deductible) in advance or $35 the day of and are available at the CADA office on 14th and P Streets or call Evan Smestad at 549 4291 or email: for more information.

Live performance by Baby Grand and the Master of Ceremonies will be Vice Mayor Rob Fong.We will have 9 wineries/distributors providing UNLIMITED TASTINGS:

Grgich Hills Cellar, NapaMichael David, LodiEmmolo Family Winery, RutherfordArbios Cellars, Santa RosaWilson Vineyards, ClarksburgWofford Acres Vineyards, El DoradoEpic Wines, Santa CruzHenry Wine Group, BeniciaYoungs Estate GroupLocal restaurants providing food:Rio City CafAioliInk.Taqueria JaliscoLa Trattoria BohemiaFreeport BakeryTinys Wine Bar (Coming Soon to 14th and R)Wonderful local artists providing auction items:Kira StewartLynne CunninghamGustavo ReynosoArdis BowSuzanne MurrayKate AndersonJane BlackPatris MillerSusan SilvesterSharon ZacheryJudith MonroeGina LeytonAllison JohnsonChuck MoodyMarie Therese BrownScott PalmerMichael DeSantisSandy DelehantyRaffle and Other Auction items include:4 RiverCats Tickets Behind Home Plate, Tour behind the Scenes and the privilege to Throw Out the First Pitch!A NEW! TFR-USA Moped Up To 150 MPG valued at $1,000!!Wine Country Limo Tour to Amador County valued over $500!2 Spa Packages worth over $300 each!Delta River Cruise to/from Sacramento San Francisco and return on Train including lunch worth $300$225 gift cert at A S Cycles for a Motorcycle Safety Course$100 Two Person Wine Tasting at The Supper Club.$150 Gift cert at Cline Cellars in Sonoma$100 Gift cert for a 4 person tasting and food pairing at J Vineyards in Russian River (Healdsburg)Overnight stay at the Downtown Sacramento Sheraton Hotel2 cooking classes at the Natural Foods Co-op.Trader Joes Gift Bag valued at $502 Nugget Gift Bags$25 Gift Cards at Safeway$20 Gift Card at the Fox & GooseIl Fornaio Gift CertificateBottles of Wine And More.


Anonymous said...

HeckaBeck, the Proposition looks hella good. Violent, but good.


leon said...

These are some of the people providing food and drink at the fund raiser:

9 wineries/distributors providing UNLIMITED TASTINGS:

Grgich Hills Cellar, Napa
Michael David, Lodi
Emmolo Family Winery, Rutherford
Arbios Cellars, Santa Rosa
Wilson Vineyards, Clarksburg
Wofford Acres Vineyards, El Dorado
Epic Wines, Santa Cruz
Henry Wine Group, Benicia
Youngs Estate Group

Local restaurants providing food:

Rio City Café
Taqueria Jalisco
La Trattoria Bohemia
Freeport Bakery
Tiny’s Wine Bar (Coming Soon to 14th and R)

ACK said...

Not only did I see "The Company"...but I own it. I loved it. I used to dance, so maybe I am a bit biased. Didn't you find some of the dances amazing? Seriously?

beckler said...

A BIT biased? I think that is the case. Sure the dances were rad, I love watching ballet (in manageable doses) but the story was crappy and it had the production values of a TV movie. Of course, that's just my opinion, I like tons of movies that other people think are terrible.

Alice said...

i snorted when you started writing about 'the company'. i watched the last five minutes of it once and was totally confused. i couldn't imagine the entire movie being shot like that but i assume it was.

then beardsley somehow had it in his possession once (did you lend it to him ally?) and i think he may have gotten through the whole thing (brave soul) but he was like 'wow, that was really pointless and bad' at the end. if i had seen some of the dances i might have a different opinion. i do like a dance movie for totally unknown reasons. but, yeah, production was like intentionally crappy and you couldn't hear anyone talking. what's up with that?

ACK said...

I see your point. The plot that revolved around Neve Campbell was useless, but I did love all the company director bits with Malcolm McDowell. They can be THAT crazy.

I own the DVD, but I really just fast forward to the dance scenes.

Anonymous said...

Click and Clack i love. but, that might be a boring movie.

DB said...

The dance scenes in "The Company" were great!

Stephen Glass said...

Here's actually what you people should be doing this weekend:
You just have to drive 308 miles to do it, but it does involve the consumption of thousands and thousands of oysters and lots and lots of public drinking until the wee hours. And plenty of we friendly podunk townfolk.

werenotdeep said...

I forsee a reprisal of the oyster shucking gloves speculation popping up, now.

beckler said...

I've just been using a towel, and a short, dull knife with no problem. You just have to be careful and make sure you don't drink too much muscadet before you start.

Anonymous said...

Beckasac, I think you are forgetting about the incredible sibling hair combination of my mousy, limp dishwater do, my hick brother's unsarcastic handlebar moustache and my older brother's male pattern baldness.


Stephen Glass said...

Shucking is the easy part; eating more than five dozen in the course of a sunny hour or two is the true challenge.

beckler said...

connie's back, everybody! and please, your straight, shining hair is not mousy or dishwater. your brother's mustache is very attractive, and i don't remember the other brother.

Stephen Glass said...

Connie, don't you ever denigrate your angelic locks of hair in my presence ever again.
And welcome back.

Anonymous said...

yay! welcome back Connie!

i can't wait to hear about Japan!!

and no joke, your locks are lovely.

Anonymous said...

So am I to assume you have rushed out to see Cars featuring none other than Mr. Clicks and Clacks? NPR tells me they do the voices of two of the cars.

Miss B

Anonymous said...

Good to see you and smiller at the show, Becky. Agreed -- they we're great. I love watching Eleanor's retrained dancing with arms always locked to her sides. I guess since their songs are so packed with rapid-fire lyrics that there's no time to dance about away from the mic, even for a spell.

By the way, I just heard that the they will be guests on Fresh Air this morning. First the news. Funny, given this random quote from Matt F.: "We don't come from a scene or a community that grounds [our music]," Matt explains, "We're more arbitrary than that. I don't think that skateboarders or NPR fans would like our music, and we're not defined by our fans." Judging by the crowd, I think they are big with the McSweeneys crowd.