Tuesday, June 24, 2008

blog wad: shot

There's a new Italian place that's been opened by a high school friend of smillers. I want to check it out. That's cool that he visited Naples a buncha times to study pizza. I predict it will get a lot of business.

How's Dad's Kitchen been lately? Some people have been grumbling that they have changed their menu around to bad effect. I still haven't been.

That's it, I shot my blog wad on this.


Anonymous said...

Biz and I had our first Dad's breakfast this weekend and I was pretty bummed.
I got the basic breakfast:

Bisquit was small, a bit hard and dry as a bone.

Poached eggs really vinegary, hard yolks and rubbery, due to all that vinegar I suspect. (I know can be hard they can be hard to make, but it is breakfast afterall)

I got an iced americano, and it was 4 dollars!!!!

Taters were ok though.

and last time I went I was pretty bummed on dinner, and themenu changes.

lisa ninja said...

We went to Dad's for lunch last week. My hamburger was dry. I ordered mushrooms on it. I got about a teaspoon of burnt mushrooms. I ordered bacon on it and and there was about half a piece of charred bacon. (they messed up and put the bacon on Davey's burger, but it was still burnt (black not just "well done). It took them forever to get our order done (I was prepared for that from reading other reviews). The only good thing was the waitress was really nice and the garlic fries were pretty good.

archbishop said...

I went there with my lawyer for dinner 2 or 3 weeks ago. They ran out of the beer I wanted, and potato salad, but it was getting kind of late in the day. The fries were really good (the lawyer got an extra serving).

I had a burger which was really good (still my favorite burger in Sac is Joe Martys), and the lawyer had a tri-tip sandwich which was as great as they are at the sandwich shop.

There were plenty of wait staff who came by a lot. I heard they were having a problem keeping wait staff in advance, but no problem.

Anonymous said...

We went to Dad's something like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Great seasoned fries and macaroni & cheese; the hamburger (with bacon chunks embedded in the meat?)was good too. One of the items we ordered was taking extra long so they gave a free Monkey Knife Fight beer on the house. Waitress was pretty attentive and eating out on the patio was pretty nice. Didn't experience anything negative at all...

Mr. S. L. Mar

Anonymous said...

The two times I've been to Dad's have both been excellent. I had the basic breakfast last time, with sausage. That sausage is dynomite, with chunks of pepper (i think) right in it. So good. My biscuit was really big and very good. I got my eggs scrambled. The wait staff was the usual Dad's friendly. I was excited to see they have the Boss Hog breakfast sandwhich on their breakfast menu. They have that at the sandwhich shop and it's one of the best breakfast sandwhiches on earth.

H. Conway Esq.

Anonymous said...

Conway, you are really selling me on it, despite my poor review.
Maybe I need to go with you, I hear people love to feed a pregnant lady.

archbishop said...

I hear people love to feed a pregnant lady

That's why I got good service! Zing! I had to say it before someone else did.

Anonymous said...

We had breakfast over the weekend and I got a fruit bowl that was made up entirely of watermelon and strawberries. It looked like a bowl of blood. I also got a biscuit that was dense and non-flaky. It tasted ok, but I like the flaky ones better.
My friends home fries were raw and the fries were bad, but I think everything else worked. The service was super nice.

fft said...

Kate W. gives Dad's FOUR STARS in the issue that hits the stands in about a 1/2 hour.

Anonymous said...

I had a GREAT burger there, good fries. I also had a good sandwich at lunch.

However, the service was lackluster and flustered. I just chaulked it up to the charm of the place.

Also, I did have a friend who wen there recently and was unimpressed with breakfast. Especially since they were out of (or not serving) the french toast others had raved about.

Oh, and they get bonus points for carrying Arrogant Bastard Ale and for having $7 pitchers of PBR baby!


Anonymous said...

What, no spoiler warning?

Anonymous said...

I've been once for breakfast and had a fantastic (and very well priced) corn beef hash with a giant fluffy biscuit. The service was not good, but the server was very nice, just new I think and the only one working, so requests for things like butter took multiple tries before butter appeared. When I went they didn't even offer iced coffee type drinks, though the waitress did offer to bring me coffee with ice in it, but hey, that's just what you get for not drinking beer for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

i want to love this place but the food isn't doing the job. i went to their closed door tasting which led me to have high hopes. unfortunatley another meal after said tasting and it was kinda back to square one. they aren't quite living up to the sandwhich shop's fame. damn..
pbr $7 for breakfast jamattack!

beckler said...

wow, mixed reviews! i haven't read kw's yet. i know adk said it's her favorite burger in town, and i definitely think of her as a burger connoisseur.

archbishop said...

Oh yeah, I've heard from some folks that frequent the place that it is hit and miss. Just like the reviews here. Some sort of staffing problems and someone said they lost their chef which I heard was the source of their problems keeping wait staff. All this is unreliable gossip but I'm sure someone who worked there must read this blog. Maybe they can fill us in. Or maybe someone could actually ask Dad what the problem is with his kitchen.

Anonymous said...

~pbr $7 for breakfast jamattack!~

Is this an invitation?