Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a different blog

Whew! Things have been unusually exciting around here this week. It's getting ugly on that post from yesterday, and I had to delete some anonymous comments. I hope people keep it civil. I failed to keep it civil when I said fuck you to an anonymous commenter but reason prevailed and I erased the sentence in which I called him/her a piece of shit.

I have tomorrow off, and I'll be spending some of it drinking glorious BREW! Yay! While I'm gone, you could check out this fashion blog that's written by two local ladies, one of whom I met on friday. Check out that bathing suit she got at bows and arrows. It's amazing.


archbishop said...

Ah, the comment I hate to make but it works oh so well.

I talked to Dept of Fair Housing again a couple hours ago, and they're going to talk to my landlord about how he should kick out the alleged speed dealer with a 3 day notice.

Will he? I dunno. He told me he's asked her to leave but he's not being pushy about it. With Fair Housing calling him up it should work.

Anyway, it's a large place best suited for a couple. I think the landlord says it's a 2 bedroom but you can't get to one room without walking through the other room. Rent will probably be around $750 to 800. Washer/dryer come with it.

With a bit of luck it'll be open end of June. Oh man, I think she just broke out a window so maybe the landlord did call her.

I'm going to move my truck now in case that's next on her agenda. Please let me know if you're interested.

Unknown said...

Just an FYI

The northern californias homebrewer festival dinner has tix on sale....This sales out hella fast.


psst, dont tell anyone....They never update their website so it list it sold out, but it was from last year.

This year I believe is wee heavys based....I missed last year which was lambic and sour reds... Or maybe that will be this year?

anyways heres a sample menu from last year


Unknown said...

ah, the Belgium theme was last year and the last link is cut off, you can find the menu on the site for the tix though.