Friday, June 27, 2008

summer jam '08 revealed!!

Thanks to a comp make by JD, the real Summer Jam has emerged. It's called "Barack Obama" by Cocoa Tea and it's fucking rad! Too bad that link to download it doesn't work, but you can listen over and over and over as I've been doing.

Ever since that minor Bee debacle on this blog, I've sheepishly been noting that Democracy Now keeps citing McClatchy sources, and they had the McClatchey Baghdad bureau chief on yesterday talking about her continuing reporting on the Haditha massacre.

There's a Pizzas show tonight at the Javalounge.

Mark your calendars!!!! On monday night there's an exciting show at the Press. What's Up, English Singles, and Pizzas. Three bucks! Yes, that's right, a monday night show that you must attend.

For those of you that still listen to records, the KXPR and KDVS record sales are both occurring this weekend. I am way ahead of that and I just have music directly beamed into a chip in my pancreas.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty rare for a political message-type song to be good, huh? That's what I like about it, it has simple yet insightful lyrics but it's catchy and would be a good tune even with a different subject matter.

I love the "it is not Hilary Clinton, and it is not John McCain, is is not Chuck Norris, and I know it's not John Wayne"


beckler said...

It's so good. I like that first Gyptian song, too. It's Gyptian! And I can't believe Trina and Wayne Wonder recorded a song together. Super group!

Anonymous said...

How can the Pizzas and the Ancient Sons be playing at the same time?


PS: I saw Fancie last night and thought of you the whole time, I think Kate Bush fans would dig her vibe. She (they?) is (are) playing at Atelier August 20th.

Anonymous said...

do the pizzas have a myspace or something?

beckler said...

yes, they do, as do personal and the pizzas, not to be confused.

did you guys read this quote from george michael's concert in l.a.?

Dr. Phil is here, and in the sea of faces he has this miserable look – he's been doing it for the last hour. I probably shouldn't say this, but maybe you need to see someone about that."
– George Michael, shouting out to fan Phil McGraw, who was in the audience at his LA concert

HK said...

This is my favorite quote from the KXPR swap site:
"Join us for our Annual Used CD and Record Sale! From LPs to 33s you'll find your favorites here!"

WTF?? Aren't all LPs at 33rpm?


Our record swap will reign supreme!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Deja Vu is the 2008 summer jam. I don't care what year it came out.


beckler said...

Deja Vu was on T.O.K.s second album, which came out in '05. I guess it can be the Summer Jam and Barack Obama could be the Fall jam because of the election and all.

beckler said...

This dancehall comp is so good! It's really hard sitting at my desk listening to it. I wish I could host music on the blog.

nick said...

u can (right?)

beckler said...

from the chip in my pancreas? maybe you could just press your ear up to that.

talkaboutcharles said...

Pizzas, I think will play first at 8pm so Matt K. can cut and run.

We do have a myspace.

The record swap will be awesome! Christine and I have a table and some awesome cassette tapes! What are records?


ps. If the Germans ask to take the record swap with them back to my house to listen to it on my record player, lets say no.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charles-
Can you turn it down a little bit? I have relatives from out of town here for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful thanks. What about Winter Trees tonight? Anyone know what time they play? Do they have a myspace? I want to hear this.

beckler said...

have you heard of this cool new website called google?

talkaboutcharles said...

Hey Harvey! I saw you riding your bike around my side of 21st street. Look, lets be honest, us people on the south side of the block don't cotton to you north siders, got me?

You know, I just heard about this new "google" too, so I decided to google it. Man, it's great! You can find all kinds of things with this thing!

Anonymous said...

Dude, have you ever googled "Google"? It's fucking crazy!

-Uncle Squashblossom

talkaboutcharles said...

Do you know the Do-Dah man? He's WAY into Toto.


Anonymous said...

The plan is The Pizzas are opening the 4 band Javalounge show and Matt K is headlining w/ The Ancient Sons at Luna's. He will be a powerhouse Rock'n'Roller tonight!

Anonymous said...

I declare this place official Summer Jams HQ:

-- Patrone

Liv Moe said...

"I enjoy a good waltz once in a while"

beckler said...

Hey you guys-Don't forget that show tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty sure MOM is at the press club tonight too.