Friday, June 20, 2008

mom tomorrow

Enough about George Michael, I will explore my new obsession in private (Ok, one more thing, have you ever watched the video for Club Tropicana?).

I don't know about anything going on tonight, but tomorrow is the big street music festival thing, and R5 is having a thing in the parking lot. San Kazagascar are playing outside Time Tested starting at five. There is a great show tomorrow at Luna's starting at 8. Mom is playing and Ganglians and Art Lessing and Flower Vato. I'm so stoked to finally go to a show at Lunas. Go so that you can check out Larry's new art car. Starts at eight.


Anonymous said...

Whew, for a minute there I thought I'd forgotten about a visit from your mom!


beckler said...

ha! ha! about that, she'll be here in early august

Anonymous said...

G Bomb once busted my chops for conducting our personal business in the comments section of Heckasac posts, but I'm over worrying about it. G Bomb when is beers at your new pad?

Also for things to do tonight:
The Alkali Flats and Amber Lee Baker at the Fox and Goose for only 3 bucks. Amber Lee is Alice's sister and a singer an accordianista celebrating the release of her new CD. The Alkali Flats are the only local band that make it a point to tour Europe, Nevada, and The United States of America between each and every local club appearance, thus averting hometown fan burnout. Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

My friend in 6th grade had a grainy copy of club tropicana on VHS that I think she may have taped off of TV, we watched it daily.


Anonymous said...

My new band Boyfriendz is playing the R5 thing. It starts at noon, so everyone in the post-bagel and coffee/pre-lunch crowd should check it out. It's our third show with our third bass player. If you know any reliable bass players bring them out so they can see if they want to join and we can have a go at two in a row. Please rock and roll.


beckler said...

oh man, I wish I would have checked my own blog before I left work and then I wouldn't have missed this fun stuff. I want to see Boyfriendz hella bad.