Monday, June 09, 2008

hard on wah

So MD steps outside of his usual circle of new glossy upscale places to review New Lai Wah, and he busts their chops the hardest of any restaurant I've ever seen him review. New Lai Wah's food is delicious and has an amazing variety and level of technical skill, especially considering the fact that you can gorge on a banquet for 15 or 20 bucks a person. I feel like MD frequently pitches softballs at upscale places that charge 5 times as much, so why so hard on New Lai Wah? I've never noticed the dirty carpet or garbage on the floor. There is sometimes a language barrier with the service, but with a little effort it can be negotiated. It is irritating sometimes when servers argue with you about whether you should order a certain dish (I got this the other day at Korea House), but you have to remember that they probably have to deal with people sending things back that they think are weird.

This story is very odd.


Liv Moe said...

That story was awesome! Maybe it says something about me but I didn't find it all that odd. I found what he said about picture frames with famous film and tv stars in them really interesting.

The MD thing is fairly predictable. No less annoying but predictable.

Anonymous said...

His review makes less sense than the Crystal Skull!!!

The tanks aren't dirty! The carpet is fine. There is never trash on the floor. And in my opinion, it's the best thing food-wise to happen to Sac in a long time!!

He should have ordered the lobster in glass noodles clay pot instead of General Tso's chicken.


Anonymous said...

I hear their broccoli beef isn't authentic.


Anonymous said...

Umh, I'm wondering why there is no Crystal Skull review.


beckler said...

I slept through 96% of that movie so I don't think I can adequately review it. When I was awake I was watching the other screen and wishing fervently that I was watching any other movie playing at the drive-in. So I guess I would say thumbs down.

couchdive said...

New Lai Wah is good. I did notice food all over the floor, It just depends on when you go...Late night equals food on the floor. Luckily, I dont eat off the floor and could not give 2 shits if some rice is sitting in the corner as long as the food is good. I got a good tip on the duck tongue being hella good. I gots to try it.

Anonymous said...

The duck tongues are good! So far I really like all of their cold dishes, and I'm a fan of cold dishes in general. The jellyfish and beef shank is really good too.


beckler said...

And it's open so insanely late! Like 3am some days, right?