Thursday, June 12, 2008

listen up

Not like this makes me Nostradamus or nothin' but I predicted Bricka Bracka would probably not be a live venue for long. The Ganglians/Psychedelic Horseshit show is now moved to the Witchdome.

Due to extreme waster action (well, extreme by "new young Sacto"standards) at last night's Shearing Pinx show, Bricka Bracka hascancelled tonight's show. But thankfully, the Witchdome dudes havestepped up to host the show. Since we only have about 7 hours notice,please tell as many friends as possible about this change.Tonight @ 8:00at Witchdome1915½ 22nd Street in Sacto(between S and T Streets)Psychedelic Horseshit (Siltbreeze, Ohio) Diamonds (Siltbreeze, Australia) Elders (Nebraska) show was supposed to cost $5, but now it is donations. I hope youwill still donate $5 because this is three bands on tour who will bedriving thirsty vans for ten hours to get here from Portland.Witchdome is probably the perfect place for this show, actually.Better sound quality. Just don't be too loud in the yard or in thealleyway. Save the mayhem for inside the basement.Later!Rick

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