Friday, September 05, 2008

Ancient Sons CD release!

Tonight.  Old Ironsides.  9 pm.  Seven bucks.

I went to Sunrise Rollerland last night, which is faaarrrrr from downtown, but the skating including rental was only five bucks.  Skating is really fun and my favorite part is observing the skating nerds in their natural habitat.  Calling them nerds makes it sound like mocking, but I find it really touching to watch these folks, often pushing middle age (who are probably not so cool or graceful off the rink) lace up their skates and become dynamos that have the kids' jaws dropping.  One dude last night, probably in his 40s, had slicked back hair, a dingy wifebeater exposing some chest hair and pleated black Z. Cavaricci style pants.  He was like the king of the rink, doing splits, chatting up the girls (I was pretending he was not hitting on them).  There was another woman that was doing so much emoting in her dancing, a lot of imaginary rope pulling and graceful spins.  


Anonymous said...

The wooden floor at the Foothill rink is really awesome and it's also very cheap if you go on certain nights. It's only a couple miles on the 80 past the Arden exit.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm really sorry I didn't get your camera back to you sooner.