Thursday, September 04, 2008

here's the button!

I'm ordering it for Charles right now.


Anonymous said...

I want one too! Is there a discount for bulk orders?


beckler said...

yes there is! 60 cents each for 100 or more

Anonymous said...

60 bucks for 100? Shit, I know where you can get 115 Dead tapes for $40.


Liv Moe said...

Hmmm, this begs the question of which is funnier. Ayatollah Asshola or Jihad This.

beckler said...

One of them makes sense and one of them doesn't but I don't know if being nonsensical makes it funnier or not as funny.

Anonymous said...

Yes but the Jihad This buttons actually make me want to scratch my eyes out rather than my ears.

Each hurt the feelings of a different sense.


Anonymous said...

What about Osama Yo' Mama?

I was so disapointed in Ray Stevens!


talkaboutcharles said...

Thank you.


skpr said...

Oh, these types of things always remind me of when a guy brought these print-outs to class (college mind you) after 9/11 with the Statue of Liberty giving the bird and accompanied by expessions such as "Bring it!"

My response? "Didn't they already bring it?"

Richard St.Ofle said...

wait -- where can I get this?