Wednesday, September 03, 2008

power to the people!

I won't lie, I feel terrible today. I am thisclose to having a hangover, which I never get! Those beers at Luigi are extra big or something, or they're making Bud Light stronger than they used to. That was a very pleasant show last night, with good bands and friends to chat with. I feel like a jerk for not watching The Intelligence, but I was planning on going home and got sucked back into Luigis for more beer. I finally had a slice there and I thought it was underwhelming. The dough was raw in the middle. I hear that it's better for takeout.

But the bigbigbigbig news is in the Bee today. Corti's isn't moving! It's a Christmas miracle. I'm going to the rally thing today, but before I found out about the new development I was joking that it was going to be a Corti's riot and that Darrell would be dragged out by the police in those plastic cuffs screaming "hell no, I won't go".


DB said...


Sorry to self-promote on your blog, but I'll be out of the game for a couple of months, and I wanted to get out the word on my new blogging venture, The E Street Film Society.

It's essentially a non-exclusive movie club in which you can choose your own level of participation. As the founder and President, I will be choosing and publishing a schedule of movies at least one month in advance, and all of the films will be available on Netflix. If you want to play along, great; if not, also great; if you've already seen the film in question and would like to chime in, great as well. Instead of writing a simple review, I will start a discussion thread so we can all review it and talk about it together. In order to keep myself fully invested (and to ensure that at least 1 person is reviewing every film), I have made a long list of the supposedly "classic" films that I have never seen, and we will be ticking them off one a week for the next couple of years. I compiled the films from a plethora of sources - the Mike Dub 100, the IMDB 250, Sight and Sound polls, award winners, and so forth; I am viewing this as the masters course in film studies that I will never take.

If you've always wanted to catch up on the classics of world cinema but never had an avenue, here it is. Old movies not your bag? That's also cool, as I will be spicing the proceedings with reviews of every new theatrical and DVD release that I see. There will be something for everyone who likes movies, and by the end, I fully expect to be the best film critic in the country, if not the world.

I will be e-mailing everyone in late October to remind you that The E Street Film Society is convening; if you think that I might not have your e-mail address but would like to be alerted, drop me a line at For now, you can check out The E Street Film Society for the initial slate of films. I hope to see you all there!


The Barnesyard

P.S.: Sour grapes comments about Corti's already popping up on SacRag. Who would actually be upset that a local institution is getting saved from the axe? Now we know.

beckler said...

this is gonna be cool! and it means i won't have to protest your wedding, at least not regarding this issue. i assume you won't have any gmo foods there, right?

Anonymous said...

We're staying out of that whole mess. Crackers and water only!