Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sour brau

Happy Birthday to Ed C. and belated to EC!!!

I went to June's the other day.  It was fun and she and Dennis were charming, as usual.  This chicken katsu was delicious.  June cuts a chunk of fresh chicken off, breads it in panko and fries it up to order.
I ordered chop suey out of curiosity because I'd never had it.  Can you tell how hot off the grill it was?  It was Ok.  It had cabbage, carrot, zucchini, and pork.  
Sac Brewing Co. has a couple of brews on draft that were made with wild yeast.  They have the Deschutes Dissident, which is the first wild yeast beer that Deshcutes has made and it has been aged for 18 months.  I liked it, but not as much as any wild yeast Belgian.  It was kinda thin tasting and bitter at the end.  I liked the New Belgium one (Eric's ale) better.  It was very wine-like, with a faint fruitiness from the peaches.  Here's a description I found online at "the thirsty hopster" blog.:  Eric’s Ale: “This Peche, or Peach beer, started as an ale aged in 130 hL wooden vessels called Foedres for 3 years. It was then transferred and real peaches were added. A second Strong Golden Ale was brewed and blended back into the sour ale. Subtle peach, tropical fruit and tart aromas in the nose, plus some vanilla and oak. The flavor is a balance of sweet and sour. A drinkable and refreshing sour beer hybrid.”
Sac Brewing Co. is reasonably nice inside.  I sure wish it was downtown!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I have seen her.
Of course I totally had a theory of who is was going to be. And it wasn't


Anonymous said...

AS if the Bee's comments aren't absurd enough, they have that feature where you can say if a comment is "helpful" or not. It's always the most insane ones that get voted the most helpful.

"She deserves to be worked to death in slave labor for shooting an innocent pedestrian. --- That welfare queen is another financial drag on the taxpayers."

10 out of 11 people found this comment helpful.


beckler said...

there's a yelp thread going crazy about it, too (why do i read?), but refreshingly, there are a few people (such as bill b.) injecting some sanity.

beckler said...

a woman at peet's was saying she had menaced her friends and was around all the time, and this was before i had seen the picture and for a second i was worried it was the bird lady!

smitty said...

I just got called to the front office to explain why I tipped a guy 1,000 rupees (22 bucks) and who it should've gone to. I said it was from my last visit at the same hotel and he was very friendly. They didn't believe me. That guy is from Nepal after all, so that means he's automatically worth less than an Indian.

All part of Indians making it so that India is a "love vs hate" relationship. I swear they put effort into it. There's 1.2 billion Indians and I think Indians have someone watch each tourist to track what they do.

Madhouse. It's a fucking madhouse. Yes, I split a beer with a girl from California 6 weeks ago. And no, we aren't in a relationship. No, I don't think we're going to the Hindu hell for that half of a beer.

Words cannot describe India. Colonel Kurtz could, but words cannot.

Anonymous said...

Update: In today's Garfield strip, Garfield is talking in a computer chat room. What's next? Garfield gets into grunge? Stay tuned.

lil' maxwell said...

I had never seen her before... except, I did see her get arrested for apparently shooting a disabled man. It was in the Target parking lot, there was a little girl watching her, and a man video-taping her. I thought it was super fucked watching it all happen. Very strange.

beckler said...

Perhaps I have never seen her either. I thought I had, but I might have her mixed up with this other lady.