Monday, September 15, 2008

who's that on your party barge?

In these troubled financial times, we can all drown our sorrows a little more cheaply for the next two weeks, because 58 degrees is having a harvest sale.  Selected wines are 20-40% off.  My wine rack is looking a little empty right now, so I'll be heading over there, hopefully tonight.  

I was stoked to get to go out on a boat on the river on saturday.  People are big into "funny" boat names, only some of which are actually clever.   This one was good, and what a cute boat!
This person is probably a zinfandel lover, be sure to say it out loud to get the "joke".
This, I had to take a picture of because it's actually a suntracker brand party barge.  Don't be confused by the boat in the background, the party barge is merely an open platform with low barricades around part of it.  Perfect for partying, right?  Everyone will get third degree sunburns and then fall off the boat and drown.
There's no better way to accessorize a houseboat than with a confederate flag.  Here are two separate houseboats that both sport one!
This houseboat is decorated with a paper mache orca on the front.
This boat has its own small boat.
We docked our boat and went and had a drink at Le Rivage.  That's right, I was living the high life briefly, before it was yanked out from  under me this morning when my hedge fund lost a fortune.  I can highly recommend the margarita mas fina from there.  It was strong as hell.  

Jackson Griffith is stoked on Ahoy.  He wrote something really nice about their show.

MD liked Masullo's.  Not really a glowing review, but positive.


Anonymous said...

I just got my boat up and running again this weekend. The Filthy Whore* is ready for action! Anyone who helps me paint the name on the side gets a free ride. (wow, the dirty innuedo's just keep coming (ack I can't stop))
*name comes curtesy of conwad's bro. I'm not that clever.

Anonymous said...

"Miller's High Life" is all ready to go too! Unfortunately it's just an inner tube from Rite Aid.


Anonymous said...

Sweet. We can have a regatta.

beckler said...

if you take us out on the filthy whore i promise to buy you a margarita mas fina at le rivage*

*a value of nine american dollars

Anonymous said...

Doubly sweet. Let's go this weekend before inflation destroys the value of your offer.

smitty said...

The Filthy Whore comes from Cabinboy. One of Chris Elliot's finest films. I logged in from the Taj Mahal just to say that. Conwad's bro is good people.