Friday, September 12, 2008

babs is killing me

Happy birthday Heckamax! Does this end the summer birthday rush yet? Jeez.

I'm kicked off my computer so I can't think straight. All I've got is this streetcarnage clip, which is the first one that has ever made me laugh. I watched it twice and I may make it thrice.

Anything goin' on this weekend?

ah, thrice! It's killing me the way she says "hi barry" in that little girl voice.


Anonymous said...


Did Miller have a deadicated birthday? If not, I'd like to wish him a late one now.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I went to the Beat on my birthday & bought the Dead skull & roses live record (Skullfuck or whatever it's unoficially called) & it was an early edition with the sticker still inside. The Dead made that happen! Also, after a little hecka chop-busting I got to listen to some Europe 72 in the car. And Marie made me some Dead themed brews - all I'm gonna say about the labels is that I look damn good as a dancing bear!

Birthday officially prounounced Deadicated!

Happy birthday back at you man!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to both of you!

I just bought you both presents! Plus Liv (Sunday.)

Anyway, Mark Miller's famous multi-vendor garage sale extravaganza is Saturday all day, corner of 23rd and N. Someone should come buy the bike that Muggs and I both hate. 75 bux. cheap.


HK said...

My Birthday is tomorrow!
Mr. Plastic Idol is today!

Yay Birthdays!
Virgos everywhere....

Anonymous said...

Hey Smiller, I have something Dead related to give you.
Despite what the SNR says, the performance art show goes on tonight at the Horse Cow. The John Natsoulas gig is next Sat. Here's a link with the info:

Oh yeah, we're having a bar-b-que this Sunday around 5pm. Goes Late, should be fun.


Stephen Glass said...

Happy birthday, Heckamax. Keep the good times rolling.

beckler said...

Finally, I find out about a horsecow bbq BEFORE it happens! Thanks Larry! I can't make it to the performance art thing today, but I have to say the listing kinda scared. When it said not for the weak of mind or faint of heart I thought about it and decided I have a weak mind and a faint heart.

beckler said...

scared me. not scared.

beckler said...

I HIGHLY recommend watching the whole clip. Goosebumps!

Anonymous said...

Post-Max-Q Psych Thang tonite at Luigi's:

US Girls (chicago)
Eternal Tapestry (pdx)
San Kazakgascar (sk)