Tuesday, September 02, 2008

fungarden tonight

There's a super good show tonight at the Fungarden. Standard Tribesmen, English Singles and The Intelligence. Starts at eight for real. Over before eleven for real. If you haven't seen the Standard Tribesmen they are worth checking out.


nick said...

oh shit kids i heard i'm booking a show, SN&R & KDVS together at last, tomorrow night at the Fun Garden:

Matt and Kim (indie dance pop from Brooklyn)
BF (of Austin, who Rick really digs)
tba last minute local add-on

all-ages, 8pm, $7, see u there.

beckler said...

wow, that's gonna sell out for sure.

oh yeah, if you want a more mellow or later (?) show, like if you haveta work until late or something, the friendly creatures (tatiana and brian) are re-debut for the first time at fox and goose tonight.

Anonymous said...

Friendly Creatures was Saturday.


beckler said...

OH! I thought you said "damn" cuz it was tonight and we would miss it. Man, we totally coulda gone to that!