Thursday, September 04, 2008

r5 party

The Corti rally was quite dramatic and emotional, and I got even more emotional when my grocery items quickly tallied up to 50 bucks!  A tear may have been shed.  You'll be reading more from me abou the rally later....the sacbee even has video!  Speaking of the sacbee, did you notice they got rid of their ombudsman?  That is terrible.  In his final column the dude quotes the publisher's memo as saying one of the reasons he wasn't really needed was because the bee has reader comments!  Wading through the comments thread always makes me feel like I need a spongebath.

The new MM is so good.  I probably always say that.  I love the cover, I love Guphy's story on corner stores, DB's film roundup is funny as always, Tony King's coverage of R5 is heartwarming (their anniversary party is this weekend, no lineup listed anywhere I can find, but there are bands saturday and sunday including Boyfriendz).  Boyfriendz is also playing West Capitol Bowl on friday, and The Ancient Sons CD release is that same night at Old I.

FFT said they got 150 to see Matt and Kim last night which is great for the Fungarden!  Let's hope the sound was better than it was on tuesday.


nick said...

105 paid.
Sound was excellent.

beckler said...

ha! i was just listening to democracy now (palin is the WORST) and this delegate on the convention floor, speaking about obama said "it's not about a show, it comes down to can he run the company? er, country". freudian slip!

nick said...

The Armeniac said...

McCain's leering at Palin's freudian slip as we speak. Seriously though, her speech last night made me afraid for a few minutes. She hit every conservative pressure point and with the articulation of a grown up no less! Luckily the rest of the gop cast gave their usual hackneyed shit fests and pondering McCain's speec tonight made me feel bettter.

ps: Did you listen to the former Gov of Alabama yesterday? That is some bat shit ass shit that happened to that dude.

beckler said...

The report from the rnc floor on democracy now is hilarious. it seems like a daily show report. they find a 22 year old (who the commentator says is by far the youngest) woman who describes how much she loves her "jihad this" button of an american eagle flipping you off. he says he doesn't get it and asks her to explain and she can't really, and just says "i don't support jihad"

Liv Moe said...

OMF found an article that points out all of the inaccuracies from Palin's speech last night which I thought was pretty interesting. Maybe if he see this he'll post it.

I just keep telling myself, Eagelton! Eagelton! Eagleton!

Anonymous said...

Dude, she a book banning censor-face.


And I have also heard that she loves Jihads.


The Armeniac said...

Nice Eagelton reference! Rare indeed.

HK said...

I caught a bit of her speech before I fell asleep at 8 or so (busy week). She is very scary, and it's even scarier to hear hundreds of Republicans interrupting her with roaring cheers of "USA! USA! USA!" I imagine well dressed men in business suits pounding their fists and/or chests while they do this.

If these two get into office, this county surely is going to be submerged into the deepest pits of hell.