Monday, September 08, 2008

sutter's landing

Even though it was a 150,000 degrees on saturday, it didn't occur to us to go swimming until almost 7, and it is sadly starting to get dark around that time now. We rode our bikes to Sutter's Landing, and saw Livmoe on her way out as we were coming in. Have you ever been swimming there? It seems miraculous that there is a place to go swimming so close to downtown. Just go over the levee at 28th and C.
Be sure to properly inflate your lobster. Inadequate lobster inflation causes hundreds of deaths each year.
I swam out for a bit, but the bottom is gross and mucky and when it got over my head I ended up in a kelp forest that was creeping me out because it was too dark to see. I kept reminding myself that it was not someone's hair I was brushing up against. Or was it? Anyways, check out this spot before it cools off! It's warm and slow and wide.
I missed the Ancient Sons show because I am a jerk. How was it?


Liv Moe said...

the river sat was the bomb! i brought a group of visiting Romanian artists and one curator out there after picking up a gang of pool toys for $3 at Rite Aid. end of season sale!

afterwards we got tacos and enjoyed some cool delta breezes.

yesterday i introduced them to IPA with mixed results and took them to the festivities at R5. a complete Sacto experience indeed!

The Armeniac said...

The show was swell. We slayed of course. We didn't end up playin till 1230 so the crowd was thinner than usual. A high school band opened whose name I forget, they had a lot of drumming, too much fr my taste but that'a what kids like these days.

HK said...

The Sacto river kinda scares me.

We were in Reno for the weekend and got to see how the Truckee River flows through downtown Reno and there were tons of people swimming/wadding/tubbing. It was rad! I wish we had cleaner water that went through downtown (and was not in threat of horrid flooding). It was pretty neat and only 89 degrees there!

I'll post pictures later!

beckler said...

That downtown river is pretty funny for people watching. Just imagine the scene in Sac if we had that! It would be like the concerts in the park but with water.

HK said...

Yeah- within a 5 minute block we saw a woman lose her baby only to scream her face off when it was rescued from the water, people being tossed around in the current, people slowly tubbing down the river and several people fishing (although I could see no fish and the water was pretty clear.)


Anonymous said...


smitty said...

The Ganges River, the Holiest of rivers in a country where everything is holy, is a 90 second walk from my place in Varanasi (Assi Ghat).

I got up at 4:45am this morning and took the sunrise boat ride. Saw lots of dead people, dead burning people, people pissing/shitting/spitting/tossing trash into the Holy River, dead bodies being tossed into the river, and lots of people swimming, bathing, brushing their teeth and washing clothes in the muddy river.

In Varanasi (the Holiest of Cities in Hindu religion), they toss in about 40,000 cremated people (not counting the whole ones if they're the non-burning kind: kids, virgins, holy men, lepers and untouchables - so screw you Sean Connnery).

It's a very polluted river with upstream factories and they still use DDT here. 80% of health problems and 1/3 of Indian deaths are attributed to water-born disease such as cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and amoebic dysentery.

It's really hot and humid here and I would love to go swimming but not in that place. It'd be healthier to drink from Stan Atkinsons' dirty toilet (hey-oooo).

Its got dolphins which are nice to watch. Luckily, they breathe air but I see lots of fishermen out there. I try to avoid eating any kind of meat in India and fish ain't going to happen if I can help it.

I enjoy rolling the dice and I eat street food all the time, but meat/fish is sketchy.

smitty said...

Oh yeah, after passing Burning Ghat (guess what they burn), I had to wash ash out of my mouth.

Dead people don't taste like chicken.