Friday, June 25, 2010

Dani: an appreciation

It's always sad when a friend moves, because even if you see them as often as possible, it's hard to stay in touch day-to-day like you do with someone you see every. Then you're always catching up rather than just hanging out. I'm so sad that Dani is moving away, but she's such an easygoing, fun person that I'm sure every time I see her it will probably feel like no time has passed.

I really look up to Dani as such a responsible, mature, gracious lady and such a caring, warm mom to her children (and sometimes her friends) but also somebody who can cut loose and rage with the best of them. She's so open-minded and up for anything, she's kind of the perfect person to take on any adventure, or to just sit and have a beer with.

Dani is really humble, but also full of surprising stories. Once, she was talking about this two day hike up a volcano that her family used to go on in Hawaii and I asked her how many times she had been on it and if I remember correctly she replied "seven times". My jaw dropped! She has a ton of little anecdotes like this.

Ah! This is hard and I could go on and on but I'll just say that Sacramento is really going to miss Dani, and Mark, and Sadie, and Luc so much!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the dark side Dani!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that I have missed all the Dani/Mark appreciation festivities as of late. I will really miss that family. Quite a loss for Sacto.


Anonymous said...

So true - I don't see Dani & Mark that often but when I do it's always like we just hung out. An awesome, rare quality. Really gonna miss you guys!!


slaliberte said...

becky, you and I are gonna have to console each other lots when she's really gone. :(
maybe we can get a dani doll and pretend she's hanging out with us.
aww it just hit me yesterday when we were packing up.

All friends of dani and mark are invited to my house saturday for her going away bash. Email me for directions (siobhanlaliberte@gmail)

Alice said...

dani is from a very unique and amazing family and she herself is unique and amazing. she will be missed!

Snufkin said...

While the Kando-Kaiser clan are on the verge of a great new chapter in their lives, I'm definitely one of the many who will miss having them around town. They've made me laugh and Dani has been one of the people who's was so nice/supportive when my dad was in hospice. Thanks for the friendship and here's to seeing you when you're back in town on visits :).

Anonymous said...

I am still in a state of denial.


Anonymous said...

I'm in denial too. Of all the places I've lived, Sac definitely has the best people. Mark and I have been so lucky to get to know so many rad musicians, great artists and awesome people. But, we'll be back. A lot.
Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

It is really hard trying to be positive and not selfish about all this. I am actually fucking devastated that Dani is moving. Because of the internet I know it will be easy to stay close, but dammit, I love her face, her expressions, her smile, her hugs, her laugh. Shit, just teared up. Okay, back to positive and supportive! Love you Dani!