Wednesday, January 19, 2011

cute Vader

I just posted about our next MidMoMoNi on the MidMo blog. Mark your calendars. I need to dig out my Badfinger. The one album I have (the good one) is so fucking scratched it kind of harshes my mellow.

Also recently on the website we posted our first edition of what will (hopefully) be a recurring feature called MidMo Peek (nice logo!). I love to see into people's cool houses so I really wanted us to do this, and JaNatalie were kind enough to open their house to us. That said, I wish there were more pictures and it didn't quite go far enough in capturing the overall bestness of their stuff and how cute they are. Tim is probably getting bugged by reading this right now. At least click on the pictures individually to get the detail. The picture of Jay and the bunny rules. Check out that hand painted Darth Vader cup above! It kills me.


Anonymous said...

I agreed that the cuteness of their place doesn't translate that well. The cuteness of the bunnies does though.


Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as bad publicity!

that said, I'm working on making the page look better- and I'll tell scott to take more pictures!


beckler said...

this will be great publicity for their bunny mill

Anonymous said...

and their star wars coffee mug side business


Anonymous said...

thanks everyone. Having such cute pets is a real distraction. I agree too, the piece doesn't really highlight our fantasticness (kidding) but I would suggest more full room shots, they are my favorite thing about house/stuff profiles on line. and trust me I have spent many hours looking at those. I think seeing people and how they combine space and objects and how they live in it is really interesting.

I love that little effeminate Darth hand. According to the signature someones aunt painted it for them in 1979.

we should have shown how much of a pain the bunnies can be just to counteract the cute.