Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I heard the Verge party was fun. Did you guys all go? I was in L.A. It was so warm and sunny! I saw some Magic. I ate at Umami Burger and Greenblatt's. And Luscious Dumplings, of course. I did not take any pictures whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

i feel compelled to at least comment:

the Verge party was really fun. Touchez played stuff I had not hear and sounded decent in the room. They ran out of beer kegs really early, but some kind soul made a run for PBR and that sufficed.


beckler said...

wow, pity comments.thanks nm

Anonymous said...

i guess people feel burned that you didn't take any LA snapshots. Greenblatt's is good but i always seemed to end up at Canter's when I lived in socal. is there any good matzo soup in sacto?


yolkie said...

I feel totally burned. I forced Natalie to eat a baby wipe flavored Jelly bean at the party if that gives you an idea at all.

beckler said...

Some of you may have just glimpsed a post that disappeared. I posted something meant for my Criminal Minds blog on Heckasac. Oops! Embarrassing.

Matzoh ball soup? The one Jewish place in Sac, which was waayyyy out in (I guess) Citrus Heights, has closed down. So I guess not. Bummer.

The pastrami at Greenblatt's was dynamite. Very tender and peppery. And Greenblatt's doesn't pile the meat as ridiculously high as other Jewish delis I've been to.

Anonymous said...

I did it to myself. besides when you let the spinner choose the jelly belly you get burned.


Liv Moe said...

there were baby wipe flavored jelly beans?!?!?!? where was i?

Anonymous said...

Canter's is to Greenblatt's what Pieces is to Masullo. I want to like Canter's cause it's a convenient post-party place, but their food has gone way downhill.

I would continually brave hours of traffic for Greenblatt's matzoh ball soup.


beckler said...

wow, comparing Canter's to Pieces is pretty harsh! But I will trust you because you led me to the melting pastrami of Greenblatt's, which I will forever treasure.

Anonymous said...

Canter's always gets my love as the home of the Trekkies 2 cast party. During the party we saw Rodney Bingenheimer enjoying a sandwich. Made me laugh.

re: the baby wipe jelly bean, Liv be glad you missed it. It was a terrible flavor sensation. the package had some sort of spinner that you spun to get your flavor. I just ate one without reading the small print.