Friday, July 20, 2012

8 year anniversary!!

Caring about someone masturbating in a movie theater is so 90s.  Remember when everyone was all uptight about stuff like that?  Thank god that shit is over and women are walking around with their butt cheeks hanging out again.  P.S. though, I have been in one of those theaters (not to mention that my grandpa used to work in one - I did not attend while he was there) and at the one I was at, an employee clocks in at the front every ten minutes or so to make sure no one is waxin' it.  So it's pretty dumb to do it.

I am so bummed I didn't get a chance to contribute to that SNR cover story!  I have quite a few good road trip stories.  Maybe if I have some time I will write a few of them here.

Wow, I knew we were getting close, so I just checked and it turns out TODAY is the day of this blog's 8 year anniversary (usually DB reminds me of this).  So this is my cue to say, "wouldn't it be fun for me to repost some of heckasac's greatest hits?" and then I never do it.  Remember how much it predated facebook?  Remember "Paris Hilton Benji Hooter"?  Remember Kevin Seconds and swinging?  Remember the heady days where I discovered that almost everyone local I was writing about found out about it?  Remember all the people who commented a lot, and how most of them stopped commenting (but I think a lot of them still read?)  I still love it, and I never admit this, but I really hope I place in the top three in SNR's "best of" this year.  I've never shilled for a vote before, but I think I deserve it, perhaps through sheer perseverance. 


talkaboutcharles said...

Brian Peppers?

Charles Albright

DJ Rick said...

Happy birthday, Hecaksac blog!

Captcha unscramble: LL Cool JJ 99

Anonymous said...

I meant to remind you last week, I don't know what happened, dropped the ball there.

Happy blog-day!


undercover caterer said...

Happy blog birth! What I want to know is: How does DJ Rick rate with all those funny captchas? Mine are nearly always unreadable.

I will totally vote for you as best of.

DJ Rick said...

Honestly, even if I have nothing to add, I might click on "[#] comments" just to see what I can unscramble from the captcha. At this moment....hmmm.... "7 legs chin"?? Sorry.