Monday, July 09, 2012

Sunday supper

 I know there's a secret show on Thursday in Davis with celebrity bands, but this leap in the dark is going to be good, too.  The Merry Wells are Dan from Makeout Party's new band, and that guy is great.
 I don't think I ever posted this amazing card that OMF drew us for our wedding.  We're planning on framing it.
 Secret Hub show (I guess secret shows are the new shows) with Buk Buk.  They played the Pink Panther theme for a long time.  That reminds me how confusing I found the concept of the Pink Panther movies when I was a kid.  I still don't get what Clousseau has to do with the cartoon character.

 Couldn't capture Fine Steps because it was so dark.  It got even darker for the Singles so I didn't even try.

 Looked at the furniture at Macys because I am warming up to the idea of someday buying quality furniture (which means I will purchase my first piece in two to five years), got pretty into this ultra-smooth acacia wood table.  It costs almost as much as the last Toyota I purchased.  I love the bench side though! It comes with four chairs and a bench.  I can picture a Danish Modern hanging lamp over it.  And sweeping those vases to the ground.  What do you guys think?  Set with some dansk flatware and heath dishes?  Is it douche-y?
 Sunday supper!  Slow grilled chicken, but I realized that I should have removed the skin.  It got really tough after 45 minutes over a few coals and the spice rub did not penetrate.  I am still trying to learn how to grill properly.  The chicken was expensive farmer's market chicken and you know what?  It was gamy, stringy and stingy with the meat.  Organic is not always better tasting.

The salad is corn, Krim tomatoes and pesto.  We shelled the peas.  That's probably 3.50 worth.  We had it with a petillant natural rose from the Jura, a blend of Chardonnay and Savagnin.  Yeah!

Apricot crumble thing with vanilla ice cream.  The apricots were so tangy that it was a really good combo with the oatmeal cookie-like crust and the ice cream.  I love apricots.  I think apricot jam might be my favorite jam, with marmalade second.


beckler said...

oops, savagnin is a white grape and there has to be something red in there. maybe it's poulsard. either way, a delightful wine and 9% alcohol

Anonymous said...

there's a pink variety of savagnin grape too, savagnin rose.


Jananaknits said...

I love nice dining tables. The acacia would has a nice glow. Ape and I bought a new table from Cost Plus and I feel like such an adult. It also has a bench on one side and is hands down the most expensive piece of furniture I've ever been involved in buying. Beautiful though.

michele h said...
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michele h said...
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undercover caterer said...

I think the table looks nice! Not douche-y, at least I hope not because I have a modern lamp and Dansk dinnerware.

Anonymous said...

I was so stoked to be at the Hub this weekend. It just felt so Sac to me, especially ending the night listening to every Billy Joel song the Round Corner jukebox could provide.

Also that wedding card is awesome, I love how the Kilban cat is kind of flirty.


DJ Rick said...

I know I had more fun than everyone in Sacto combined the last five days up in Portland, but I still feel really weird about a show happening at The Hub, and only finding out about it by accident and only too late to make a plan to see it.

Anonymous said...

You heard about it from me & Julian who had JUST co-planned it a few days earlier! You were one of the first people outside the bands to hear about it!


The Armeniac said...

That card is incredible!! Good job OMF!!

beckler said...

more fun than everyone in sacto combined? is that downtown or metro area? although I guess the residents of Natomas would probably drag that measure down.

Anonymous said...

What about Dave Smith? He was in Sac until Thursday and then Portland thereafter... how many of those 5 days does he get in each city and how much fun was he having? Inquiring minds...


ps- glad you liked the card

Anonymous said...

So, what's the secret davis show on Thursday? Is it Billy Bob Thorton and The Boxmasters? Is it Keanu Reeves with Dogstar? Is it Steven Segal playing the blues at the Palms? You can whisper it in my ear. I promise not to tell anyone.


Anonymous said...

oh sorry that secret shoe..uh, show isnt until july davis. i gave SM missinformation!!! !!! !!!
but we do have a secret celebrity dj
@ adult. he was pretty funny and crazy lastime, not even givin a shit about tryin to hide his herb smokin in the dj booth and playin sped up too short songs. those kids from oakland get hyphy