Monday, July 16, 2012

real men ate quiche

Busy weekend. Here's what I did, if you care. Or even if you don't you're already here so might as well look.
This wasn't the weekend yet but I was partying in a limo with sparkling wine so it felt like it was.  For an art fund raising event that LM was nice enough to invite me to.  This day was HELLA HOT and I was really sweaty around lots of wealthy people. They had probably all paid to botox their sweat glands so did not look as sweaty.
Friday the fair.  The weather whipsawed so that by the time it got dark everyone was extremely cold at the fair.  This is a monster truck call Wheels of Freedom.
You can ride it for only 5 bucks and it is hella fun.  If you are going to the fair I recommend you do it.

I got a cup of the world's largest margarita (did I place that apostrophe correctly?)  At 12,500 gallons how sanitary could it be? It tasted OK.
This guy is contemplating the wizard's challenge, which was actually really weak.
The big rib was the most hyped food at the state fair this year.  I should have gone for it, but it's 16 bucks and they keep touting how it has two pounds of meat, which I really don't want.  Ever since the chuck wagon fucked up their brisket I have been disappointed in every food I get at the fair.

I think I posted a picture of this last year, but it's still funny.
How is it possible that EVERY YEAR when I am near the Blues and Brews stage that  Mick Martin is ALWAYS playing?  He can't play all day every day, can he?  I was speculating that they keep him in suspended animation the rest of the year, like in the movie Alien.  He had a jaunty way of  using the bongo as a place to lean.
I finally got to satisfy my  curiosity about the Wonderbread 5.  This is what they look like.  They don't just cover oldies, they cover Lady Gaga and stuff, too.  They have seriously devoted fans.  People were getting down.

Then we saw the Happy Together Tour. These are terrible pictures of Dolenz. He ruled! Other people thought the Turtles were funny but I didn't really.  I am going to pray all year that the Lovin' Spoonful are on this tour next year.  Please Jah.

We finally got some farm eggs from the compound and I promptly made....
a quiche!  You know what, a real quiche, like a classic, is a lot of heavy whipping cream and milk, and only about four eggs (plus 2 yolks).  This quiche, combined with cider, sparkling wine, and lambic equalled a whole afternoon of nausea, but it was worth it.  Actually, I didn't like the quiche that much.  Too rich!  Next time I will probably make the pie crust and then put a frittata in it.  You pre-bake the pie crust so you could put anything in it!  I saw several real men eating this quiche.


beckler said...

I can't believe the meat on the big rib is just stuck on that bone!! Innocence lost.

Natalie Rose said...

I sort of figured, I mean where in an animal would that bone come from?


beckler said...

the gone is real, but the location is proprietary information. what if it's like horse rib bones or something? or elephant? I sense a scandal brewing. human femur bones?

beckler said...

oops, "the bone is real"

beckler said...
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undercover caterer said...

That big rib is freaky. How do they get the meat to stick on there? It's not like it comes that way. Yuck.

Your quiche looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Meat glue probably holds the bone in.


The Armeniac said...

Man, there's nothing comparable to the magic of the State Fair up here! Not even a local county fair! We do have something called The Country Fair that's like a lil burning man, no golden bear costumes and farm animals though, just hippies and drugs and fire dancers. Man, I miss the fair!

beckler said...

"That's a proprietary trade secret," he said. "We had to figure how to lattice and cut the meat a certain way. When we cook it, it binds to the bone with no glues, fillers or anything unnatural. We're working on the patent process right now."

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

The State Fair is the best! It drives me nuts when people bag on it.


beckler said...

I think it's pure American ingenuity that makes it stick to the bone.

beckler said...

I was wondering what the Fat Darrell sandwich was all about and the internet of course contained the answer (at no less). It's a sandwich with chicken fingers, fried mozzarella, and french fries. And Fat Darrell is quite fit looking actually.