Friday, July 13, 2012


I've been paying very little attention to this whole Launch dealy, which has a lot to do with those douches on the flyer (I heard it's maybe Chromeo, which makes it excusable I guess), but then I heard that the King Tuff show was part of it and my ears perked up.  And then last night I met a dude, an architect, who is involved with planning it.  Some pretty crazy shit is going on!  There's quite an elaborate website, but the whole thing is so sprawling that I still find it confusing. 

The thing the dude was so excited about, which sounds really cool, is a temporary architecture installation made out of 1000 pieces of machine-cut cardboard.  It's going to be at Cesar Chavez park, I think set up on Friday? or Saturday and staying through the weekend.  They have gotten some crazy permissions from the city, including the ability to have beer at CC without having to restrict it to the beer garden.  I think this is where !!! and DJ Shadow, Chromeo, etc. will be.

Tuesday, July 24th is at Bows, with Ross Hammond and Gentleman Surfer.  Anyway, check out the website.  There are a lot of artists involved, too.

Fuck, I'm gonna do it.  I'm going to have a yard sale.  Sunday, 9 am.  Mostly clothes and other stuff.  Books, maybe records?  Prices will be CHEAP.  I hope none of you see me sell something you gave me.  I don't want to give out my address here, so if you don't know it, maybe email me?


beckler said...

let me save you two hours and a few bucks: do not go see the new Woody Allen movie. It's his worst in years.

Have you guys ever read and Grace Paley? If not, stop whatever you're doing and go get one of her books right now.

Anonymous said...

Will Babs be for sale?

Anonymous said...

Gabba wants all Scott's clothes. Are you having a pre-sale? he works at Tower at 10am on Sunday so maybe he'll be your first customer.

this all stems from the one time he bought a yard sale shirt of scott's and it was his favorite and then we lost it at the laundromat.

Anonymous said...

Low Flying Owls are playing the Launch Festival!

That reminds of one time at Lipstick one of them ejected some cool rock videotape from the machine and put it inside his jacket and took off and Shaun Slaughter chased him down yelling "Hey! Low Flying Owl! Give me my tape back!"


beckler said...

a bunch of scott's castoffs will be in the sale, including clothes which scott thinks are too small which are not too small

Anonymous said...

I call the navy blue hoodie.


Anonymous said...

is the Jimmy flannel for sale?

Shannon said...

HOW COULD YOU? Chromeo! DOUCHBAGS? I take this as a personal insult to the entire of nation of Canada. (Just kidding, I just really like Chromeo and am super excited for Launch)