Monday, July 23, 2012


I guess Brian Peppers does qualify for the greatest hits.  As does Secret Blog.  Did you know Dillon and Amber own the Brian Peppers of cats? Something in the eyes.

I went to SF this weekend to see Sonny and the Sunsets.  God, I love that guy.  Ok, so I guess fucking blogger does not allow me to embed videos at all anymore, sweet.  I haven't loved a band this much in a long time.  He played like 4 country songs in the middle, which was annoying, but then came back with an encore of total hits.  (like the one in that link) His new album has a country vibe, but I think he will get away from that soon.  He called it "a childhood dream" to play these country songs live, but he was also apologetic and he knew people weren't that into it.  He played until one and I was really tired but I also could have watched him forever.  He played Teenage Thugs for the last song.  That song cracks me up.

I also hit up a little music fest during the day.  It was the last show of Dominant Legs.  (click to watch a badass video) I'm so bummed.  They are breaking up because the gorgeous super cool singer is dating the guy from Girls and they're gonna have a band together instead.  I still don't understand why they can't just take a hiatus?  I mean, what if her band with the Girls guy sucks?  He was at the fest, carrying her keyboard like a gentleman and he was dressed very eccentrically.  Big baggy wide wale cords with like, pleats at the waist, big white sneakers and a leather hat.  Fresh and Onlys were good, too.

King Tuff on Wednesday! The link goes to my favorite song on the album.  Can't wait to get the vinyl at the show.  Phono Select hooked up an in-store with him at 530 for you underagers.  It's really rad that Clay ok'ed that because there's a possibility it could cut into ticket sales.


DJ Rick said...

Ducking outta town Wednesday night for Bakersfield, then L.A., but the timing of this in-store might work...sweet!

Liv Moe said...

Did you see this?

It came up in one of my art news list serves recently. I like that he name his country 'back up band' the Fuckaroos. I also pine for one the 100 albums box sets. It kind of blows my dome who all worked on those 7" covers. Dude is a slow, clever, prolific, burn.

beckler said...

The lady at merch gave me volume 3 of the cds, its not that good. all over the map.

Liv Moe said...

That's kinda what I figured. It's sorta more of gesamtkunstwerk than something that could stand on the strength of it's parts. Super ambitious idea though and partially facilitated by a Headlands residency to boot.

Anonymous said...

Sonny's mastered the "I just woke up on a park bench & headed to the show" look.