Friday, July 27, 2012

best eating day

 I had the perfect eating day yesterday aka a good day.  As usual, went with the lab for a birthday lunch at Whitey's.

 Whitey's special.  I inhaled it so fast (due to my hangover) that I barely tasted it this year.
 The peach shake took a long time to come out so I fully savored it.  Also, it was so thick that I had to eat the entire thing with the end of the straw, so that took a while.  Marletta told me her go to is chocolate blackberry, I gotta try that.
 Then, Masullo for dinner.  Beautiful charcuterie plate.  The raw fennel was so juicy and was dusted with fennel seeds to make it extra fennel-y. 
My margherita (add anchovies) was extra on-point this time.  When we got there we were warned that they were almost out of dough, but we squeaked in.  He's now using Morant's sausage on his pizzas.


beckler said...

I was gonna get mad that no one was commenting but then I see hardly anyone is checking today so I can't be mad cuz it's just me ova heah. However, I will tell you that 13 seconds into the 2012 gathering of the Juggalos infomercial I have already spotted three grammatical mistakes.

beckler said...

I am now live tweeting watching the Gathering infomercial. It's probably not funny at all.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many fucking shows I missed by being gone this week. It's cool though because Will Haven are playing the Blue Lamp tonight.


Stephen Glass said...

God I miss Whitey's. The Humboldt County clone of it Fresh Freeze in Eureka. Just as ugly-looking, and I would daresay even slower. I call ahead by half an hour.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you keep your trim figure with all this eating. And at your age too!

wburg said...

Most Juggalos think a grammatical mistake is when their gramma catches them smoking weed in the basement.

captcha: RRealson, as in keepin it rreal, son

beckler said...

I like that my tweet about Haystak and Jellyroll playing together FINALLY (tongue in cheek, obviously) was retweeted by a bunch if juggalos.