Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mad cow!

I ate at Vince's last night. No, not Club Vince, although sometimes that does serve food (and by the way, Vince made the BEST STUFFED SHELLS EVER at the Heritage party), but Vince's in West Sac. We stepped in, and right away I heard a redneck looking dude say the N word. That was quite a shock. He seemed to be intoxicated and as we were walking past he was relating a story that involved him calling someone "pissboy". The place has some charm, it's dark inside which makes it seem a bit dingy. There is a bar in the restaurant and TVs showing sports. I think it would be a fun place to sit at the bar and watch a Kings game. Our waiter had giant biceps, there were cops behind us talking about the Steve Miller Band, the lady bartender was wearing an American flag sweatshirt-this is a very American place. Not too Italian. Anyway, the pasta dinners are ten bucks and they come with soup or salad, bread, and ice cream. I got a salad, which was really tasty for an iceburg salad. Michael got the soup, which I thought was bland. The little loaf of bread was warm and tasty. I tried to order the ravioli, but after inquiring if it had meat in it, I changed my order to spinach gnocchi. You would think that this question would have clued our waiter in to the fact that I didn't really want meat in my pasta. Nope. Apparently, the spinach gnocchi comes with meat sauce. Michael got the plain gnocchi. They both came with some tasteless white cheese baked in a thick layer on top. It didn't seem to be mozzarella. The gnocchi was overwhelmingly mushy and starchy. There was no way I could eat any of it without eating some small bits of ground beef. All I could think was mad cow. So if my brain turns to mush in about 10 years, I'll know where to trace it back to. This was probably not the fault of Vince's but about halfway through dinner my stomach started roiling. Perhaps the prions I had just ingested were fighting the helpful microbes in my stomach. I don't know. Mike liked the spumoni. All in all, I probably will never eat there again, although as I said, I would sit at the bar and watch a Kings game.

Then, I saw the Jay-Z movie "Fade to Black". I highly recommend this movie. Some of the concert stuff gets just a little boring, but the footage from the studio when Jay-Z was recording the Black Album is amazing. It's so cool to watch him meeting with all the different producers (Neptunes, Timbaland, Kanye West, Rick Rubin) and see the crazy creative process. When Hov hears a track he likes he totally spazzes out into this thing he calls the Rain Man as he starts imagining what he's going to say over the track. It made me sad to see a part where Slick Rick is backstage at Madison Square Garden but he's just helping Ghostface Killa put on his gold chains and he's not invited out on stage or anything. He's all dressed down in just a gray hoodie. Mike D has a cameo and dude looks so bad I thought he was Perry Farrell. Mike said that he heard he had hepatitus. Anyway, see this movie.

Ok, here's some stuff on the Sac Arts Co-op. I am going to donate some stuff for the yard sale. You can just bring stuff to sell if you want to do the same:

Mission Statement:
The Sacramento Arts Cooperative is a community based, volunteer run, non-profit organization. Our objectives are to provide a nonviolent, nondiscriminatory, drug and alcohol free resource center for music and the arts. We have weekly meetings and membership is open to everyone.One of our main goals is the creation of an all ages music venue that places respect and support of the performers as our highest priority. We plan to raise funds thru donation and grant writting with the purpose of buying a building in the downtown Sacramento area. Once our tax exempt status is established with the IRS this spring we plan to start writting grants and we are currently researching good building locations. We have many events planned to raise money and awareness for our cause this spring. So please, stay tuned.
News and Events- Saturday, November 20th, Rock and Roll Yardsale! At the corner of Freeport Blvd. and 2nd Ave. We'll have records, tapes, cds, musical equipment, rock band t-shirts, clothes, and much more! Again, all proceedes go to S.A.C.-
Saturday, November 27th, Thanks-for-giving fundaraiser show at the Distillery. Featuring such hot local acts as The Riff Randals, The Hostages, The Devastates, and a fourth band to be named later. Starts at 10pm, is 5 dollars, and (despite the irony/hypocracey) is a 21 and over show. Again, all proceedes go to S.A.C.
Membership and meetingsWe meet every sunday at 7pm in the downtown Sacramento area. Since we don't have an established location for our organization yet, our meeting place moves around quit a bit. If you'd like to attend a meeting feel free to contact us and we can fill you on the location.
ContactIf you'd like to contact us to share your ideas or become invloved with our organization try e-mailing us at sacramentoartscoop@gmail.com.website: www.sacarts.org


Anonymous said...

Vinces?! Geez dog, that place only exists for grandma & grandpa, Vince's birthday, West Sac folks & people REALLY jonesing for some Italian food. Every time I've gone there it's been because the required amount of time had passed for me to forget how bland it is. I do like how it looks though. But damn it's empty promise of a hearty family style grub!! Every time I go there, I just miss Americo's. Though at least the Waterboy replaced it.


Anonymous said...

Becky, last night on Coast to Coast, this guy, who didn't seem like a crack-pot, was talking about Mad Cow Disease and he said that beef growers are still feeding cows meat products. Is this true?! I just assumed that everyone would use some common sense and stop feeding cows meat as soon as they figured out it was bad. But then again, what idiot would think it was a good idea in the first place.


Anonymous said...

I've actually been to Vince's to watch a midday Kings game at the bar. It wasn't bad. I don't remember many people being there aside from some sorry regulars at the far end of the bar chatting up the bartender. I've heard that they used to have "lingerie shows" there. I'll try to get more details on that. Seems pretty sleezy. When it comes to West Sac, I'm more of a Whitey's Jolly Kone girl. They have crushed ice!

Anonymous said...

I'll try to write a post on mad cow soon since prions are a subject that I am fascinated by. I heard this morning on NPR that there is another possible mad cow in the U.S.