Friday, December 02, 2005

celeb photos

Ha. Here are some photos from that rich girls Bat Mitzvah where her dad paid all the rock stars to play. It was supposed to be on the d.l. because the stars are ashamed they are such whores but of course with the advent of the cellphone camera that's not possible.


Anonymous said...

The comments on the photo pg are the best part. Anti-Semitic remarks, Anti-Anti-Semitic remarks, references to the girl's nose, Bush/Cheney-related conspiracy theories. Eventually it just degrades further and further into random political slurs.

Check out gawker where they make fun of the girl's princess dress.

beckler said...

oops. I didn't look at the comments. When I saw this story first I knew it would stir up some anti-semitism, but that's just stupid because this party shit is a new trend among the uber-rich and plenty of them are not Jews. Duh. The NY Times also had a story about richies hiring celebrity chefs for private parties at like 20,000 bucks a head.

beckler said...

Wow. The comments do get really nutty. Even David Hasselhoff weighs in!

Sir David Hasselhoff

Hey, look at it this way, if R. Kelly was there he probably would have pissed on her, and that little bitch would have deserved it too, along with those other rich fucks out there in the world fucking shit up and wasting time and money for everybody else. So with out further ado here is a list of people I would like to piss on and maybe even shit on:
George W Bush (Choke on my shit)
George Bush Senior (you too)
All the Bush Bitches
Rush Limbaugh (overdose next time)
Bill Clinton (Liar)
Bill O'Reilly (Rest in Piss)
All of FOX
Everybody at that 13 year old bitches party
Hillary Clinton
R. Kelly
Ryan Secrest
John Kerry
The media that lies or spins
The Illuminati
All the soldiers torturing people
The Pope
Rush Limbaugh again (swallow bitch)
All the mean Police out there
Simple Plan (crap for crappy punk)
Good Charolette
Michael More
Billy Bush
Jeb Bush
O.J. Simpson
People who kill animals for fun
People who hate "The Big Lebowski"
Sean Hannity
Doctors who think Chemo works
Janet Jackson
Michael Jackson
Ronald McDonald (All of the Clones)
Jocks that bully other kids
"Small" Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfeldt (torture him)
Hillary Duff
Lindsey Lohan
Ashley Simpson (crap face)
Country music (except Johnny Cash)
Crap Rap (Pun is intended)
People who don't think for themselves
Soccer moms and their dumb kids
Dads who beat the ones they love
People who have either "Support our troops Stickers", or "God Bless America" Stickers or magnets that they put on their car!
People who think that America is the only country and the best country in the world (your shit stinks too!!!)
Pat Robertson
The oil companies
The Big Pharma companies
Anybody who is related to one of the thirteen blood lines
General Motors
Christians or any other Religious fanatics that uses God to shove fear down other people's throats and abuse the teachings of Jesus Christ, after all, Jesus would not judge and definately would not be a republican or democrat!!!!
Coca Cola
Junk Food
People who even hurt animals

...and to anybody else I forgot, don't you worry because your day will come when you will get shitted and pissed upon too, your R. Kelly will find you!!! And to all the nice people out there that actually care and make a difference in the world thank you for being around and being nice, we need that!!!

katymonster said...

beckler, you crossed the line with country music.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hasslehoff has a potty mouth!

I can see pissing on Sting and Andy, but Stewart doesn't deserve that kind of treatment at all!

G Bomb

Anonymous said...

What an idiot! Everyone knows the past tense of shit is shat.