Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Service details

It's just me and one grad student (and a vole) at work today. That's academia for you. So I won't be in long and I won't be in tomorrow, either. Mike Guis' service is tomorrow. It's at Divine Savior Catholic Church, 9079 Greenback Ln at 11 am as Mickey posted. I have heard that there might be some sort of gathering at Mike's moms house after. It will be good for everyone to gather together and remember Mike. He's been on my mind a lot the last few days. It's funny how it takes a bit for news like that to hit you. The Four Eyes Christmas show was very bittersweet because I saw some friends that I hadn't seen since I heard the news and especially because the walls of the Loft are crammed with old flyers for bands that Mike was in. The Four Eyes were fucking amazing and by the end many people were able to cheer up enough to join into an extended chorus of "we are the champions".

I hesitate to write about this, but I guess I will mention that in a crazy coincidence, a reader of this blog (who I don't know) was with Mike after the accident and stayed with him until paramedics arrived. He stopped to help when he saw that someone had been hit. He said that Mike was not conscious, but that there were people around him that were comforting him and that they covered him with jackets and kept him warm. He said that he held Mike against the protests of some who were afraid of further injuring him because he wanted Mike to know that he was being cared for. I don't know this guy's name, but I'd like to thank him.


Anonymous said...

wow, I am actually really warmed to hear that.
At least he wasn't alone/.

Anonymous said...

His name is Jeff, if anyone wants to read it it here is the link to his blog:

i have to warn you, it's a bit graphic at parts and i cried reading it. but ultimately it made me feel a whole lot better. if you want the watered down version here is his original email to me...

"I was there the night he was hit. I was with him until the paramedics arrived. There were quite a few people with him. I assume they were strangers like myself. We tried to care for the best we could. We covered him with jackets and talked to him. He had a faint pulse while I was with him, so I did not preform heart compressions on him. I think he did stop breathing while I was with him. There was too much blood, so I didn't preform mouth to mouth resuscitation. He was never conscious while I was with him. The paramedics took about eight minutes to arrive. I'm sorry to hear he did not make it."

i'm getting ready to go to the airport 3 hours early because i don't know how long it's going to take due to the transit strike, so hopefully i'll see some of you fools tonight and if not tomorrow!


Jeff said...

I just want to mention that I was certainly not the only person who stopped to help Mike on the night he was hit. My two brothers were with me, and several other people stopped to help, including the lady who had hit him.

beckler said...

Thanks, Jeff. All his friends and family thank you for trying to help him.

Anonymous said...

I second that, I worry so often that people (me included) don't care enough for each other. Just know that your act of kindness is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

It is not easy to hold someone who has been hurt so bad like that. I think we all feel much better knowing that you were there. Thank you Jeff.

Also, if anyone needs a ride out to Orangevale, I'll be driving. Give me a call 916-613-1532.


Anonymous said...

Most of this is a repost from Kendon.

directions to Brickhouse

There is a show being put together on the 30 of december (FRIDAY) in remeberance of one of the underground punk scenes finest musicians, Mike Guis. I'm not sure how many bands will play on this bill, but my band, The Dulangs, will be playing, and I'm guessing that mothspy will play, since hosh invited us on the bill.

Hosh told me that people would meet behind the Rubicon around noon on the 30th and ride bikes to the Brickhouse.

Anonymous said...

Hosh said the noon meeting time was changed to 6pm.